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Socialism vs God's Kingdom Government

Feb 09, 2015

Political ideologies have been around for a long time. Monarchies have been the most prevalent for thousands of years. More recently, governments have been formed which shift power to the people (Democracy) or to their representatives (Republics).

In modern times this really began with the English Revolution in the 1640’s which, for a time, overthrew the monarchy. It lasted long enough to establish the Bank of England in 1694, which was the basis of a new hidden dictatorship by bankers controlling the nation’s purse. They understood that it was easier to fool the common people than the monarchs themselves, so they advocated Democracy.

The Rise of Socialism

In the 1800’s they funded the rise of Socialism, which set forth its solution to poverty and inequality. Governments were to tax the rich at higher rates in order to give to the poor. To the common poverty-stricken people, this sounded like a great idea, because it seemed unfair that some would be rich while others would be poor. What they did not understand was that governments—in this case, the top bankers—were again controlling the purse and would gain more power through the power of taxation.

Neither did people understand that the top bankers would protect their own wealth by putting it into tax-exempt trusts and foundations. In other words, they hid their wealth by putting it into corporate names, while retaining the power to use it as they wished. Hence, only the ignorant wealthy people were taxed at higher rates—at least until they learned how to protect it, using the methods that the really wealthy people were using.

A century ago, these bankers from New York, London, and other major cities used the ignorant masses to overthrow the Russian government and to install a “communist” form of government. They did this only after establishing the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, which was the main mechanism used to fund the communist revolution. The socialists among the common people thought they were fighting to overthrow the bankers, wealthy monarchs, and wealthy businessmen, but in fact, they were fighting to overthrow those whose power might rival the top bankers—the “insiders.”

The Socialists were promised great rewards—freedom, wealth, equality—not realizing that those who make such promises were using them to gain power over their rivals and to steal or control their wealth through the “power of the people.” In reality, this new money power forced other wealthy people to join them or be destroyed. The result was a new but hidden hegemony of the rich and powerful, where the top bankers dominated the less rich and less powerful. The Bible calls this arrangement, Mystery Babylon.

The Failure of Communism as an Ideology

The government in Russia that was formed in 1917 was called The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was not really communism at all, but socialism. Communism was always seen as a goal to be achieved, where supposedly all men would be equal, everyone working hard but receiving no income from his labor. Instead, the fully-empowered state would take care of everyone according to their need. Communism’s goal was for all citizens to be happy, equal slaves, owning nothing but having all of their basic needs met by the state.

The Soviet Union was abolished 25 years ago after all of Europe and most of the world had adopted the socialist ideology to one degree or another. The fall of communism did not mean the fall of socialism. Socialism still maintained its communistic goal of full banker control, hidden behind the mask of Democracy.

The European Union was to socialism what the Soviet Union was to communism. It sought to unite under the banner of banker-controlled socialism. Socialism is a nice word in Europe, though here in America, it still retains a negative reputation in many circles. So in America we have Democrat and Republican parties, but no “Socialist” party.

Nonetheless, the socialist ideology is maintained primarily though the Democratic Party. It maintains popularity by seeking to raise taxes on the wealthy and give to the poor. The Republican Party provides resistance to socialism, but is used by the bankers to increase public debt through endless wars. Either way, the bankers gain control. The Democratic Party spends money on poverty programs, and the Republicans spend money on war. Both scenarios force the government to raise taxes to pay for their projects, and so the bankers gain more monetary power.

Both parties claim to be fighting Wall Street and promoting the interests of the common man, but when they come to power, nothing changes, because they all take orders from Wall Street bankers.

Socialism is Now Failing

The Achilles heel of socialism is human nature. The same greed that makes socialism so attractive to the masses is what is now destroying it as an ideology. As long as the masses are given money earned or stolen by the rich, the people are happy. However, as soon as the working classes find that their money is being taken from them to support the non-workers, socialism loses its luster.

This is what we are seeing in Europe today. The wealthier nations of Northern Europe are being asked to support the poorer nations of Southern Europe. Germany resents having to support Greece and Spain, for example. Germans ask themselves why they should work longer hours to support a country whose government gives more benefits to their citizens than the Germans themselves enjoy.

In other words, Greece is more socialistic than Germany. Socialism tends to create a larger class of non-workers, because it removes the main motive to work—necessity. If a person can live a good life without working and can be supported by those who do, then the tendency is to stop working. Conversely, the workers soon begin to resent those who they are forced to support through government taxation.

The situation in Europe is complicated by the fact that the Greeks are now becoming aware that the banking oligarchs are the real culprits behind the scenes. The internet has opened up a whole new educational tool that is removing the veil of secrecy that has kept Babylon a “mystery,” that is, a secret government.

The present conflict looks like it could reach a major climax on February 17. That is the deadline set by the German-dominated EU for Greece to agree to the “austerity” program that its previous government had agreed to when the crisis began. To put it in ideological terms, Germany is tired of socialism, because it is costing them money. But because of the high level of debt in the world, Greece has enormous leverage.

You see, if a bank loans you $1000 dollars, you are its slave. If the bank loans you $100 million, the bank is your slave.

Greece has borrowed huge amounts of money from European banks. Therefore, Greece is their slave, unless they threaten to default on the loans. The new government of Greece, which was formed on January 26, 2015, knows that the sheer enormity of their debt load gives them leverage.

That threat is enough to discredit and bring down socialism as a world ideology, even as communism was discredited 25 years ago. If the Greeks win this dispute, Germany knows that it will not be the end of the story. Spain and Italy will be next in line to use that same leverage. They cannot afford to give in to Greek demands. But neither can the Greek government pay its debts, nor can the new Greek government continue to promote the austerity program demanded by the EU.

One side or the other will cave—or not. If not, socialism as an ideology will be discredited as a political idea. This will have huge ramifications in macro-politics.

Kingdom Government

The Bible promotes the justice and mercy of God. The law of God establishes the rights of men, and the judgments of the law show how law-breakers ought to be corrected in order to re-establish those rights.

Kingdom government guarantees the rights that God has given mankind, whereas Socialism takes the place of God by granting rights as it sees fit. What the government gives, it can also take away.

The law also guarantees that every family is given land, so that they may be supported by their own labor. God does not put food on their table, but they are given the means to produce and to support their own who cannot work. The disabled or the elderly are supported by their own families. If the need is greater, their neighbors may help them.

The law recognizes that there will always be poor people in the land, but it does not seek to correct it through government theft of workers’ assets. It upholds the right of men to own their own labor—that is, to own what they produce by their own labor.

Biblical taxation is based on God’s labor. God worked to create the land, air, water, sunlight, and all things necessary to produce wealth from nature. Therefore, He owns all that He creates. Men may then partner with God and work to shape or re-form things that God created previously. Men may turn trees into lumber to build houses. Men may labor in the fishing industry to provide food for themselves and others. Men may mine gold and silver to create other useful items.

In every case, men own whatever labor they have put into the product, but the raw materials are owned by God on account of His labor. In this partnership, when men use God’s labor and add their own to add value to it, we owe God 10% for the support of His government on earth, while we are allowed to retain 90% for ourselves. It is all based upon labor rights, or as the US Supreme Court ruled more than a century ago, one’s labor is one’s most basic property right. This was part of the Court’s argument striking down a bill that would allow the government to tax labor (wages).

In those days the Supreme Court justices understood biblical law and knew why our founders banned taxes on wages. Of course, after Mystery Babylon gained power in 1914 through the Federal Reserve Act, we were given a whole new form of government, which included the graduated income tax, promoted by Karl Marx, the founder of modern socialism.

Biblical law relies upon the people to share their own wealth, but it gives each the right to do so himself. In other words, even God did not presume to have the right to take what a worker has labored to produce and to give it to someone else, no matter how deserving that person might be. God has freely given men the right to partner with Him and keep 90% as a reward for their own labor. But God does not authorize any man or any government to steal from the rich and give to the poor. That is not the solution to poverty.

The solution is for men to love their neighbors as themselves. Each person’s right to give is based upon his right to own his labor. Socialism is based on theft. God’s government is based upon the rights of God and men, which are inherent in the character of God.

With this in mind, we are now watching the fall of Socialism and the rise of the Kingdom of God. The ideologies of these two forms of government are set before us by way of contrast. Socialism is a kleptocracy that claims to do good by the sin of theft. It is sinning that grace may abound—on a macro level.

The collision between northern and southern Europe will shake the whole political world of Mystery Babylon. I believe that the Kingdom of God will emerge from the cloud of dust, and when the Holy Spirit invasion occurs, it will be timed perfectly to turn the hearts of men to Jesus Christ.


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