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Did planes hit the Twin Towers on 911? (with disclaimer)

Feb 14, 2015

John Lear, son of the Lear Jet inventor, Bill Lear, has filed a sworn affidavit in court that no planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. A crazy idea? The Twin Towers were certainly demolished, but (he says) not by the "planes" that we saw on television.


How could he make such a claim, when everyone saw the planes hit the towers on the news? Were these just holograms? Illusions? Tricks of technology?

But John is an experienced pilot with more than 19,000 hours of flying time. He knows what plane engines physically can and cannot do at that low altitude. He asks questions that most of us would not think to ask.

Further, how did the wreckage disappear? The engines and other body parts should have dropped to the streets below. But there was no wreckage from the planes. Except, of course, for the mysterious Saudi passport that survived in remarkably good shape.

It reminds me of the “plane” that hit the Pentagon with no wreckage in sight. How did that happen? It seems like remarkable science that planes and their passengers can completely disintegrate when they hit towers or pentagons.

This affidavit was filed as part of a court case on January 28, 2014. Does anyone know if it was rebutted? The above link says:

Unlike any other form of statement, an affidavit becomes truth in law, if it is not rebutted.  It will now be up to critics of the theory to present their evidence and analysis to rebut the statement point by point.  If they do not – or cannot – then the US government will by omission be allowing that the account given by the 9/11 Commission is wrong.

DISCLAIMER: This and many other news articles represents the view of those giving the testimony or writing the articles. I post such things because I find them interesting, not because I necessarily believe what they say. These are things to ponder. I ponder them. You should too. Obviously, I am not an expert on aircraft, but John Lear is. So I have to take what he says seriously when he shows how the jet engines in passenger planes were not capable of flying that fast at such low altitude. And when he asks where the engines went, I have no answer, because I never read or heard a news article telling how they picked up those pieces off the street.

I apologize for not issuing more disclaimers on various articles that I post. My asumption is that you  understand that I am only reporting what other sources say, but I realize that I need to clarify this for some of you. When I do Bible studies, I give you my revelation, understanding, or opinion. But when I post news articles, these are the opinions or testimonies of other people that seem credible.

Thank-you for understanding.

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