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Confirmation from Croatia about the Jubilee

Feb 13, 2015

Today I received an email from a reader in Croatia, with whom I have corresponded in the past.

Hello, dr. Jones! This is Z------ G--- from Croatia. I e-mailed you a few months ago, perhaps you remember. I saw your post about the partial Jubilee in Croatia, and it's true. It looks like a desperate measure from the government to increase popularity for the upcoming elections, but the people have welcomed the decision.

Since declaring independence 25 years ago, our country was plundered almost completely. Our economic situation is comparable to Greece now. I'm praying for God to send the Holy Spirit, so that our people would repent, which will lead to the nation's restoration. I believe there is a bigger Jubilee in the days ahead, and not complete destruction like many are talking about. I'm thankful that God is sovereign!

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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