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Twin Passover Signs

Jan 21, 2015

There were two big events that occurred on January 15, 2015. The first was when the Swiss National Bank de-pegged the franc from the euro, causing financial tsunamis around the world. The second was when Russia announced that it was cutting off natural gas supplies through Ukraine to Europe.

Ukraine owes billions of dollars to Gazprom for the natural gas that it has purchased, but because the country is broke, and because their western backers refuse to pay their bill, the bill goes unpaid. For nearly a year the gas has continued to flow to Europe, while Ukraine continues to siphon off gas for itself. This theft has finally ended January 15 when Russia shut down the gas pipeline.

The problem is that January and February are peak months for gas usage during the winter. Europe has been plunged into an energy crisis. Europe is torn between its US foreign policy master and Russia which supplies much of its energy needs. This past year Europe has shown signs of discontent with having to bow to US foreign sanctions against Russia on account of lost revenue from foreign trade. Now they must choose between continuing the sanctions or freezing to death.

At stake here is US hegemony (dominance, turf) over Europe. Also at stake is the NATO Alliance which enforces US hegemony in that part of the world. From a biblical standpoint, this is the latest form of Babylon that has now lost its divine mandate to dominate the world as of October-December, 2014.

Turkey may be the nation that breaks the US headlock on Europe. Russia is now sending its natural gas through Turkish pipelines to the border with Greece. They have told Europe that they will get no more gas through Ukraine, and if they want it, they will have to get it from Turkey via Greece.

The problem is that Greece is set to leave the Eurozone after elections on January 25. The leading party is running on a platform that includes leaving the Eurozone and the euro and returning to its own drachma.

At the same time, Iceland is considering withdrawing its application to join the Eurozone. Remember Iceland? They refused to bail out the banks some time ago, and even jailed some bankers and politicians. Their economy is now growing at a nice 5%. If they take back their application, it will be another nudge toward breaking up the EU. On top of the collapse of the euro that was also seen on January 15, it appears that everything is in danger of unraveling.

Can these snowballs be stopped before it causes an avalanche? We will see. In view of the timing of these events, I doubt that it can be stopped, at least not for long. The Swiss National Bank sent one snowball down the hill, and Putin sent another after it. The coincidence of these twin events makes me wonder if Putin knew what the SNB was about to do, even if the IMF chief, Christine Lagarde, claimed to be taken by surprise.

I certainly did not know what would happen either, but I did know to watch January 14/15, as this has been a key watch date since 2011, when the so-called “Arab Spring” began. The Tunisian government was overthrown at that time, and demonstrations began in Cairo, setting the stage for the overthrow of Egyptian president Mubarak.

2011: The overthrow of Pharaoh


2012: Crucifying T-bow



2013: Currency Wars begin, and Germany wants its gold back



2014: Pope Francis casts out the money changers to cleanse the temple


In looking back at the signs in past years, we can see various elements of Passover being fulfilled on January 14/15 each year. This includes financial signs, because Israel left Egypt on the first Passover with back pay from Egypt (Exodus 12:36). Then there were further financial signs at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, not only when He cast out the money changers, but also when Judas accepted thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus.

So there are different elements playing out in these Passover signs. The signs this year (2015) are probably the most significant that we have seen to date, because they focus upon the destruction of Babylon’s hegemony in the world.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones