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The Two Sticks Decree

Jan 12, 2015

Our heavenly Father brought six couples together yesterday (January 11) to make a decree before the divine court to repair the breaches and to raise up the dry bones.

One was led to make red flags for the occasion, each having an inscription: Love, Peace, Obey, Truth, Forgiveness, Trust.

A final flag that was held by David to “oversee” the others that the women were waving had a picture of a lion on it. On one side of the flag the inscription read, “King of Kings.” On the other side it read, “Lord of Lords.” This flag had two sticks on the side, joined together.

This was done to signify the blood of Jesus covering the whole earth. While there have been many such decrees and prophecies of joining the two sticks (Judah and Joseph), this the first (that I know of) that came after the transfer of authority to the saints of the Most High. In other words, it was done with a new authority not present in previous decrees.

The first to prophesy this was Ezekiel. We read of this in Ezekiel 37:16-28. Obviously, the time had not yet arrived for that unification, along with the rule of “My servant David” in Ezekiel 37:24, so his decree was more of a prophecy of things to come. The same could be said of all other decrees about joining the two sticks, although each year the time drew closer for its fulfillment.

In the end, all prophecies have their time in the divine plan. Those living in that appointed time are given the authority to make the final decrees and to expect them to shortly come to pass. In this case, we see that the transfer of authority from the beast empires to the saints of the Most High must be accompanied by the joining of the stick of Judah with the stick of Joseph. These staves represent the authority of the dominion mandate being reunited with that of the birthright.

This was foreshadowed on August 20, 2014 when a representative of both Judah and Joseph were united by pledge in Sacramento. Tomorrow my wife and I will be returning to Sacramento, where I have been asked to perform a wedding. No doubt this will prove to be another witness of the two sticks being joined—this time pictured as a marriage.

The Dry Bones

Along with the joining of the two sticks, a second decree was made to raise up the valley of dry bones that was pictured in Ezekiel 37:1-14 (the first half of the same chapter).

Last summer, my wife and I were in Australia on a teaching tour, and on July 17, 2014 we met a man named Paul who shared the word of the Lord in regard to raising up the dry bones of the prophecies of Smith Wigglesworth. Smithy’s prophetic words had been spoken in a little Wesleyan church in the town of Warwick back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but it was as if those words were now long dead in a valley of dry bones.

We were led to prophesy of a wind of the Holy Spirit that would blow new life into those dry bones. So now, after the final date of the transfer of authority (December 30, 2014), we gathered here to confirm that word on January 11, 2015.

The Decree

The gathering of twelve people (6 couples) first took communion to signify unity and fellowship. This was followed by a prayer of repentance, covering, and protection. Then the decree was made:

El Elyon, Most High God, we come before your Divine Court and Holy Sanhedrin at your direction to make this decree. As vines on the Branch of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we have the authority of His blood covering to do this work.

We “set You up a rallying flag in the land and blow the trumpet among the nations.”

[Shofar blown eight times]

DECREE: Heavenly Father, we are here at Your direction. We decree the healing of breaches between the Scepter and Birthright. We decree the two sticks of Judah and Joseph reunited and joined together under the Headship of Jesus Christ; that there will be one flock and one Shepherd—to You glory, Father.

The decree for the Healing of Breaches has been made. Now is the time for Your Overcomer Body on earth—that has for so long sat dry and unfruitful—to be raised up:

—Time for the dry bones to come to life;

—Time for the bones of the true Body of the Most High to be raised to a new fullness;

—Time to be clothed with the living flesh of the Father under the Headship of Christ Jesus; that we will love one another as He has loved us; that our joy may be full.

DECREE: By the authority of the Father, we decree: Ruach/wind of the Holy Spirit blow upon the dry bones. Dry bones of the Overcomer Body, rise up and be clothed with the living God most High to be a workable Body under the Headship of Christ Jesus.

PRAYER: Through You, Father, may we walk in a new level of Kingdom Life from this time forward. By Your great grace, mercy, and love, Father, we agree to ascend up the High Mountain into your fiery presence where revelation is imparted. We give praise for the privilege to participate and bear witness to the manifestation of Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name/Nature, Amen and Amen.

RAISING THE LION FLAG, OR STANDARD. “When a flag or standard is raised in the Lord’s Name, it declares victory. We now symbolically raise up the standard—King of Kings and Lord of Lords—in the walls of Babylon; make the guard strong; set up the watchmen.”





In essence, we declared Victory over Mystery Babylon and all of the beast empires that have ruled the earth over the years. Raising the flag on the walls of Babylon indicates that we have won the battle. The saints of the Most High have taken over and are now in authority. I suspect that 2015 is going to be a lot of fun.

In times past, men and women have done many things, great and small, according to the revelation and level of authority given to them. We are privileged to live in the time of great change as we pass from one age to another. There may be birth pangs in this time of transition, and it may take some years—or even a generation—to complete. After all, the coming Age itself is only a transition into the next phase of the divine plan.

These things take time, and unless we are changed from mortal to immortal, our time on earth is relatively short. Yet we are each called to do our part in Kingdom history. In being led by the Spirit, we are to focus on Him, ignoring the naysayers and critics who would try to derail us in our mission.

Short History of January 17

The wedding in Sacramento—shall we call it a marriage sacrament?—was scheduled for January 17, 2015. Undoubtedly, they set this date without knowing the history behind it.

I consciously joined the Net of Prayer on January 17, 1983, which was 32 years ago, toward the end of my first wilderness journey. I wrote about this in my book, The Wars of the Lord, chapter 1.

More important were January 17, 1994 and 1995. After completing the first phase of the Jubilee Prayer campaign on November 29, 1993 to overthrow Mystery Babylon, we concluded that we should see evidence of this warfare 414 days later, January 17, 1995.

We did, but we were surprised also to see an event a year early in 1994, when Los Angeles was hit by a 6.6 Richter earthquake (January 17, 1994). It turned out to be a twin sign of Babylon’s overthrow a year later. We were living in Seattle by this time, and our discernment was that Seattle would be struck by an earthquake on January 17, 1995.

However, the quake struck Kobe, Japan instead. Only then did I learn that Kobe is Seattle’s “sister city.” There is a spiritual link between the two cities.

“A few weeks later we were informed that the name ‘Kobe’ (in Japanese) has the same meaning as ‘Babylon’ in the Babylonian language. Kobe means ‘God’s Door.’ Babylon (or, Bab-ili), in the Babylonian language means ‘The Gate (or Door) of God.’ Thus, the earthquake that hit Kobe was a major sign of the impending fall of Mystery Babylon.” [The Wars of the Lord, chapter 12]

In biblical times, the judges—government officials—sat at the gates of the city to judge cases between men. So God’s Gate suggests a place of government. In this case the beast nations have occupied the gates (government and legal system) for a long time. The quake in Kobe twenty years ago pointed to a great change coming, when the overcomers would take charge of the “gates” with their decrees.

We are now at that point in time, I believe. It has taken 20 years for this to be accomplished. The Kobe quake was only a sign of things to come. This also shows a double “Hezekiah Factor” (20 years) from 1995-2015.

This is what has transpired in the past. We will now be watchful to see what happens next week.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones