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Prophecy of the messengers (angels) of His Face

Jan 08, 2015

This prophecy from Paul Keith Davis was quoted in an article commenting on yesterday’s terrorist attack in France. I found it interesting, in light of the recent discernment we have had about Angel Peniel, the angel of God’s Face. It is combined with a new look at the Open Door revelation, as well, for it says that these angels will come through a door opening in heaven.

The Lord said “I am sending messengers of My Face” and He told me there are angels that have stood in the Presence of Almighty God from the beginning of time that have waited for this generation. There is a holy heavenly host that has been waiting for this generation for this hour for this confrontation. They have been especially prepared… I looked up and I saw a door being opened in Heaven and I saw a flood of angels from heaven who had stood in the Presence of God since the beginning of time. I saw them coming and teaching people in their bedrooms. We have to respond to the level of darkness and evil coming to this generation ‘in like fashion’.” Paul Keith


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones