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Passover Conference April 2-5, 2015

Jan 08, 2015

Yesterday I finalized plans for a four-day Passover conference from April 2-5. I signed the contract with the DoubleTree Hotel in Minneapolis, the same one where we met last October. Since many of you have already been here, the area will be familiar.

This time we will be meeting for a full four days from Thursday morning through Sunday evening. This will give us more time, both for speakers and for time off at meal time to visit with friends.

The bedrooms will be $95/day, instead of $109 that it cost last October for Tabernacles. This is because early April is not a busy season for them.

We will soon be sent a personalized web site to make room reservations. I will post that as soon as possible.

This conference again has prophetic significance.

First, it is unusual because it follows the same days of the year and the same week days as the Passover when Jesus was crucified. In both 33 and in 2015, Abib 14, when Jesus was crucified, fall on Friday, April 3, and His resurrection on Sunday, April 5.

Second, Jesus was 33½ years old when He was crucified. This Passover will be 33½ years since I was reborn Las Cruces (“The Crosses”) in late 1981, as described in the first chapter of my book, The Wars of the Lord, and the third chapter of Hearing God’s Voice.

Third, last Summer I began to receive revelation that the calendar was going to change from October to April. This was based on Exodus 12:2, when God changed the calendar in the time of Moses. I did not know what this meant until a few months later, when I learned that it had to do with a change in the Prophetic Year. No longer was the Prophetic Year to go from the 8th day of Tabernacles of one year to the 8th day of Tabernacles the next year. It was instead to start at Passover and go to the next year’s Passover.

So right now, in January, we are in the middle of the transition, because the previous Prophetic Year has already ended, but the new Prophetic Year will start in April. The 76-day cycles remain the same, except that they now will come at the end of the old Prophetic Year, rather than the start of the New Prophetic Year.

Fourth, in ancient times, the kings of Judah were crowned in Jerusalem at the time of Passover. When Jesus went to Jerusalem, He had a Triumphal Entry as if He were going to be crowned King-Messiah. However, instead He was rejected and crucified. It is as if this year (2015) we are seeing some kind of “book end” to this. In 33 He was crucified; in 2015 He is to be crowned.

The authority was transferred last October, as if an old king had died during his regnal year. The ancient practice was to reckon the rest of the year to the previous king or administration in order to keep the calendar in order. So the beast nations “died” last October, and the dominion mandate was given administratively to the saints of the Most High. However, the official crowning ceremony could not come until the new regnal year at Passover.

This conference will mark the time of the official coronation of the overcomers and the official start of the first year of their reign.

I will post more as we learn more. Meanwhile, I wanted to give you an immediate notice, since it is getting quite late. Passover is only 2½ months away.

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