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My Vision for the Future

Jan 05, 2015

The local conference this past week end went very well. I taught on Saturday night and Sunday morning. David taught Friday night and Sunday night. When we have such conferences, where most of the people are quite unfamiliar with the things that I teach, it is necessary for me to choose topics where I have time to lay foundations and then build upon those foundations. I always have to consider the audience and their background.

Saturday night I talked about three visions: the Faith vision, the Hope vision, and the Love vision. Everyone was familiar with 1 Corinthians 13:13, but most had not related these to Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. So I took them from the known to the unknown.

After the meeting, one lady (Nicole), whom I had not met before, reported with some excitement that while I was speaking, she kept seeing an “angel” around me in a three-dimensional image. This appeared as a “face” going in and out of my face. If I recall, she even called it “God’s face.”

Well, it was not difficult to figure out what angel that was. Peniel, of course, “God’s face.” So the next morning, I told the story of the coming of Peniel that is in chapter 14 of my book, The Wars of the Lord. I gave a complete Bible study on the history of Peniel, from the night of Jacob’s wrestling to the day Peniel led Israel out of Egypt, to the day Israel lost Peniel’s presence after worshiping the golden calf, all the way to Tabernacles of 1995 when the angel appeared to me in North Carolina.

The manifestation of Peniel last Saturday evening tells me that the Year of the Dove in 2015 will involve Peniel in some way. It appears certain that this is the year of being sent out in a new way to begin claiming the nations for the Kingdom of God. David himself will be moving to the Philippines shortly, where he believes his call is to claim that nation for the Kingdom. Though he will minister to churches and individuals as well, his main focus is to deliver the Word to governmental leaders on every level there.

Most believers, if they have a vision and calling, are called to minister on a local level in some way. Some visions are larger. The scope of our vision will determine the extent of our ministry. My vision, of course, is international and global. The key is in Daniel 2:35 where the “stone” grew until it filled the whole earth.

Now that we have received the Dominion Mandate from heaven, transferred to us from the beast nations, 2015 has opened up a whole new world. This began to manifest on December 30, 2014, which was our final watch date for this transfer of authority. I hear rumblings as the Kingdom shifts gears, getting ready to increase at a higher rate of speed.

The work is very big. The world suffers from problems, and most of the world leaders do not know God’s answers. They do not understand the laws of God, nor do they comprehend how their violation of those laws have led to the current problems.

My goal is to set up communities in many countries, built around organic farming, powered by alternative energy sources, and educate the people (and children) in the ways of God. In this way a generation will be prepared to take leadership in every walk of life, including government and business. I believe the model will be set up in the Philippines that will be duplicated around the world with necessary cultural adaptations.

My main job has been to write the text books for teaching this Kingdom way of life. That has been my underlying motive for writing the weblogs and books, and this is the reason I have pursued this so intensely over the years. Books allow me to teach while being absent personally.

Soon we will need many translators as well. Over the years I have been compiling a contact list of people who want to translate these books. Some of them are able to do the work on a volunteer basis, and this is why we already have many books in various languages posted online. But many translators need to be paid, or else they must use their time to work for a living—especially in third-world countries. I understand this, but in the end, we have had to wait until God provides the means to do this. It appears that this time is drawing near.

Right now, we can see the path laid out for us for next three years (to the end of 2017). Money will not be an obstacle. The biggest need will be for people who share similar visions and callings, and who have been trained in the ways of the Kingdom. We have lived too long under beast systems. Kingdom life has been limited to individual believers.

We are soon entering into a time when the inner life in the believers will emerge and go forth from them, claiming territory—not only other people, but also the lands that God owns by right of creation. When Nicole saw Peniel emerging from my face, I knew immediately that this foreshadowed the emergence of the Kingdom out from us into the world in a new way.

The Kingdom has not had “territory” since Israel and Judah were taken captive thousands of years ago. When that takeover took place, the Kingdom withdrew to within ourselves and was thus limited in its scope and dominion. But we have now reached the end of that long time, and the Kingdom is now free to begin to emerge into the outside world, no longer hidden in the hearts of men.

These next three years, I believe, will see the start of the emerging Kingdom. It will take time, and will start small, but it has already begun, and it will grow until it succeeds in filling the whole earth.

That is my vision for the future. What’s yours?

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones