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Testimony of Revival in High School

Dec 24, 2014

This is the testimony of Natalie Imperial, daughter of Vincent Imperial in Pensacola, Florida. It was sent to me today, and I thought it would be good to share it with you. It shows the condition in which young people find themselves in America's culture, and it also shows how God's "vessels of change" can bring light to the darkness.

All my life I was raised around the things of the spirit and at a young age received the gift of prophecy. As a child, I was prophesied over that God would use me to send revival to not only my high school but other high schools as well, but as time went by these prophesies only became words written in a dusty, old journal. I always heard stories of miracles and revival and I did believe them with all my heart, but as I grew older the things I couldn't see became harder to believe. In middle school, I even doubted if God exists, I questioned my faith, but dared not to mention this to anyone. God, as always, is faithful, and would reveal himself to me to remind myself that God is real, that my gifts are real and that He was the only one worth living for. My first few weeks of high school finally came, and all I remember was one day looking around at all the lost and hurt students of my school and simply saying to God, "God use me”.

            I would walk the halls of my high school and would pass a masculine looking female, a junior, who I assumed was a lesbian and every time we both would make a connection in the spirit.  She, out of all the others stood out to me and I to her. One day, my two younger sisters and I were invited to sing at a small Brazilian church. The one day we were invited to go, was the day this girl decided to show up to church for the first time in many years and she just so happens to be Brazilian. When I saw her, I was shocked; church was the last place anyone would think of her being at. At the end of the service, my mom said to pray and ask God for a word of knowledge for her. I usually am all for giving people prophetic words. It's my joy to have God use me, but this time was different. I felt a tremendous tension in the spirit, like the devil was in front of me, stopping me from going to her. I even prayed to God that he would not give me a word, but sure enough, He did. I broke through the spiritual wall, and gave her the prophecy. Tears were streaming down her face as well as mine. Right after, my mom and two other ladies prayed for her. We all gathered together in a circle and lead her to the Lord. The next weekend we invited her over for dinner and I baptized her in our backyard pool. Immediately, almost everything fell off of her (drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, etc.) I saw drastic changes in her lifestyle.

            My parents and I then decided to start a Bible study at my house once a week to disciple her and I also invited a few of my school friends, from grades 9th through 12th, of all different denominations. The power of God, week after week, would show up in my living room, the kids that thought they were “Christians” gave their life over to God completely and were filled with the spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. During this time, I never addressed the original girl about her sexuality, but one day she opened herself up to me and told me she was gay. I told her that that was sin according to the Bible and at first it was something she did not want to hear, for she had been in a four year relationship with her girlfriend and was hoping that that would be the one thing she could hold on to from her old life.

Days and weeks went by and she would not let go, yet God was still moving powerfully in her life. On one night of Bible study, we prayed for her to receive the gift of tongues and it didn't happen at my house. The next day, she saw a girl that was addicted to cutting herself and struggled with depression. She was overcome with compassion for one of the first times in her life. Before this time, her new walk of faith was only expressed in my living room, but this day everything would change.  She prayed over this girl and started to weep over her. As she was praying God filled her mouth with tongues. The girl she prayed over got delivered from cutting herself.  The same week that girl who just received deliverance gets a word of knowledge for another girl that's on her bus. Without any knowledge that God could even speak to her, she obediently gets up and goes and shares the love of God with this other student. It turns out the girl that God told her to talk to was just about to get off the bus and hang herself. She gets saved from suicide and the next week we pray for her during school and she gets saved! (She is currently in one of my classes, full of the joy of the Lord). We then started setting up appointments during school with various students, praying for them and seeing these students receive God.

            The issue with my friend’s homosexuality is brought to the surface again, this time to a full repentance. She breaks up with her girlfriend, and becomes filled with a supernatural peace and joy. She emphatically states that she loves God more than her sin.  God begins to move even more powerfully in her life. 

(Fast forward to the last week of school)

            It was the last school day for some of the seniors at my high school, and one of my teachers gave her acknowledgments to the seniors and after she was done, opened up the floor to the underclassmen. I spoke up and gave my love to a few of my senior friends, but right when I was ready to finish, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, as silence hit the room. My eyes filling with tears, I began to preach and prophesy into the lives of all the seniors standing in front of the class. As I began to declare the blessings of God on each one of their lives, every single senior started to cry including a few other underclassmen who were watching. At the end of the class, I went around and hugged all of the seniors, the Spirit of God came upon me again, and with boldness I started to prophesy over this one senior who was a lesbian. (A year later, she comes to her parents, finally telling them about her encounter, and tells them she is almost ready to give her life fully to God). Later that day, God uses me to prophesy and preach over another senior who is also a lesbian.( I am not looking for these people, God is sending them to me. Haha!)

(Second to the last day of school)

            I'm handing in the paperwork to start my new Christian club called IGNITED, and on the way back I bump into my Holy Ghost friend (the one at the very beginning of the story) and she follows me back. We enter a chorus class of about 60 kids (that is not our class) and were given permission to stay. I got on the piano and start to play and sing “There is power in the name of Jesus”. As I do kids’ ears perk up and a few begin to trickle around the piano. I start to sing “Oceans” and my friend begins to manifest, as the Lord starts moving her body in what she calls “Holy Ghost crunches”.  I start to play “Holy Spirit, you are Welcome Here”, and kids one by one start piling around the piano as tears filled their eyes and as they began to cry. My friend cannot control her body and people are wondering just what the heck she's doing. She begs me to stop, but I just ignore her thinking it would pass. Kids that had gone to my bible study that are now filled with the Holy Spirit are in that class and began to manifest. My Spirit-Filled neighbor’s body begins to shake as she starts speaking in tongues. More and more kids start piling around us. Than my friend yells out “whoever wants prayer line up now!”. The raw power of God hit the room as my teacher hit the closet! Kids one by one started making a line to receive prayer. My friends are all speaking in tongues and I am singing in tongues. Over half the class was crowded around us, crying uncontrollably, receiving prophetic words of knowledge and getting saved. Two people’s bodies were shaking so hard they fell out in the spirit without anyone touching or catching them. After 45 minutes, I hand over the piano to someone else and with a bold voice start to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole classroom. Once I'm done, two other girls receive salvation. After school, we pick up two kids around the corner, who were both in the chorus room earlier and baptized them in our pool.

(Last day of school)

            My friend and I had the opportunity to pray over a teacher. While her students were taking an exam, in the classroom while the class is going, she fell out, smack dab in the middle of her classroom and started to wail a loud, deep cry. I preached to the kids in the classroom who were all staring at us like deer in the headlights and explained to them what they saw.

(Sophomore year, this school year)

            God uses my friend and I to pray over another girl addicted to cutting herself and she gets saved. It is now a week before our first meeting of IGNITED!

            I am at my lunch table and begin to tell my friends about all the previous mentioned stories. One girl, who is not saved, told me she wouldn't believe it till she experienced it and even then she didn't believe that the experience would be possible. I told her “evolution can't prove that we came from monkeys, that's why it's called a theory, but I CAN PROVE GOD!”. Late that night, as she's taking a shower, the presence of God fills the room and she begins to weep hysterically. She told me she felt a holy fear, an unconditional love, and peace all at the same time. She convinced herself that it was all her emotions and that it wasn't real, then the feelings left. But a few minutes later, God hit her twice as hard and she fell to her knees, weeping, and gave her life to God.

The next day, she asks me what tongues is, I bring out my Bible during lunch and begin to read, with power, Acts chapter 2. The Spirit of God comes upon me, and I stand up from my lunch table, loudly reading The Word as the power of God hits all who were at my table and even some at surrounding tables. She wonders what tongues sounds like, so I pray to God with a loud voice, and tongues flow out my mouth and one girl from a few tables away comes running to me with tears in her eyes and says to me “I’ve been looking for someone like you”.

            The stories of these kids are still unfolding and their lives are still being touched as God is equipping them to reach more students. Salvations are happening every week and kids are getting filled with the Holy Spirit. Lives are being forever changed, identities being restored and much more. I was reminded of the prophecies given to me as a child and I know it does not stop at my high school. This is a revival that was not started by man, but by a sovereign act of God. This is revival marked by love and in Jesus’ name will never be quenched.

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