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NY Times calls for prosecution of torturers

Dec 26, 2014

The media has always been the tool that the Babylonian leaders have used to signal a change in political or legal policies. After hiding political criminals for many years, the New York Times is now calling for the Justice Department to prosecute those who instituted torture policies in the past decade.


Are the Babylonians finally being overthrown by the Media (Medes)? Are they losing control of the situation? Are the oligarchs about to lose their lackeys in government who, for one reason or another, were loyal to them, even to the point of torture?

No doubt about it. The recent Torture Report took a long time to produce, and when it was published, the torturers did all they could to bash it. They based their defense, not on principle, but upon effectiveness. They disputed the Report, which had said that the torture was largely ineffective, because it did not produce any real worthwhile information. In other words, we sacrificed this basic moral principle on the altar of the god of security.

The defenders of torture appear to be without genuine moral backbone. The official Report has now moved into the arena of the media before entering the legal arena. It always takes time for such things to reach a legal verdict, but this seems to be the progression of events right now.

This progression seems forced. Certainly, the Western oligarchs would not want to see their political servants prosecuted, and they toss them under the bus only as a last resort. This seems to be further evidence that world power is shifting steadily from West to East.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones