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Brazil's Torture Report implicates US trainers

Dec 13, 2014

Brazil just released its own Torture Report which it had been working on since 2012. It was designed to bring transparency to the government's use of torture from 1964-1985.

interestingly enough, the report says that torturers from the US and UK provided training in torture techniques. We are not told how experienced those trainers were, or if it was all theoretical. However, it is likely that they had practiced on real subjects, rather than on monkeys and guinea pigs.


The nearly-2,000-page report by Brazil's National Truth Commission detailed a pattern of killings and torture during a period of military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985.

The report not only shed light on the brutal methods of Brazilian interrogators, but also showed that the United States and the United Kingdom had trained some of the perpetrators in torture techniques....


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones