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What the elections will mean in America

Nov 05, 2014

Yesterday’s elections were more of a referendum against President Obama than an affirmation of Republican issues. Even the candidates of both parties recognized this. That is why few Democrats asked the President to campaign for them, and that is also why so many Republican ads tied their Democratic opponents to Obama.

Both sides were surprised at how successful this political tactic was. The Republicans took control of the Senate as well as the House. Obama was greatly humiliated both before and after the election.

So how will the course of America be changed? Well, look at the previous regime changes. When Bill Clinton was president in the 90’s, the people became tired and angry over his immorality. I was living in Arkansas when he first ran for president in 1992. Almost everyone in the small town of 1900 people where I lived voted for Clinton, even though everyone was a church member of one of the 19 churches in town. After all, he was a Baptist.

The first thing Clinton did as president was to issue his “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy on gays in the military. Suddenly, Clinton was an orphan in my town, as everyone repudiated him. My reaction was, “What did you expect?” As the years passed, reports surfaced of his womanizing and how many of his accusers contracted the “Arkansas flu,” which always proved fatal in some amazing ways.

The people of America finally grew tired of Clinton’s immorality and of the Whore Party that he represented, so they voted Republican in the year 2000. George Bush was elected, and soon we were embroiled in Mideast wars. But at least there were no moral scandals coming out of the White House, at least none that were widely circulated.

These wars, however, produced torture scandals, such as was seen at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Reports surfaced that so-called “terrorists” were being sent to secret offshore camps so that they could be tortured legally. In the end, enough people became tired of war and were angry with the Republican Party. So in 2008 they voted for the Democratic candidate which promised an end to the war in Iraq and the torture chambers at Guantanamo.

Well, as I wrote at the time, it is easier to get into a war than to get out. It took years to get out of Iraq. Just last month we finally got out of Afghanistan. Guantanamo is still with us, because after torturing those people for years, how can we just let them go now? We have made them so angry that even if they were not a threat years ago, we instilled in them an eternal hatred so that they will always be a threat.

So America voted for the Whore Party once again, and appealed to Our Lady of Perpetual Immorality. This time the oligarchs succeeded in institutionalizing immorality in the majority of the people, so that, apart from a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it cannot be reversed.

However, the people have certainly become alarmed at the government’s failure to protect the people at the border and its refusal to support the border patrol. Likewise, the people are alarmed that little is being done to protect us from ebola. Most of the people simply do not believe government statements. Not many yet understand the oligarchs’ depopulation plan, but many have come to mistrust the Obama administration.

And so, yesterday’s elections showed another major shift in public perception. It hardly matters which party controls the government. The oligarchs have set up a typical Hegelian Dialectic, pitting two parties against each other, in order to give the perception of democracy and freedom. With one party they achieve their goals of immorality, and with the other they achieve their goal of war. Either way, they cause chaos and fear, and then present their “solution,” which is to give the government more power in the name of bringing security.

There are always enough positive changes to satisfy the supporters of a winning party, but the main issues will remain unchanged, due to the “balance of power.” The main difference, judging from history, will be that the way is now paved for the War Party to send ground troops to Syria and Ukraine. With the Republicans back in charge, war is a virtual certainty, and, in fact, I believe that the oligarchs have allowed this to happen.

Obama had dragged his feet on sending ground troops to Syria, and he did not attack Iran as the Israelis demanded. So now the War Party will likely capitalize on voter anger and declare war. In this way, the people will again be induced to support the depopulation strategy of our Babylonian leaders. So many bad guys; so little time to kill them all.

As long as we remain uninformed about the secret plans of our world rulers, we will continue to be manipulated by them into fulfilling their plans. When this ignorance is compounded by an ignorance of Scripture and the divine plan in particular, Christians will continue to fight on behalf of Mystery Babylon, thinking they are doing God a service. It is therefore important that we understand what is going on, so that we may opt out of the plans of men and support the plan of God.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones