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The Stupid Virus

Nov 11, 2014

Do you feel a bit slow or foggy today? Perhaps you have not noticed it because it is so “normal.”

Well, scientists have discovered that as many as 45% of us in America are afflicted with Chlorovirus ATCV-1, also known as the “Stupid Virus,” which affects our cognitive abilities.


A virus that infects human brains and makes us more stupid has been discovered, according to scientists in the US.

The algae virus, never before observed in healthy people, was found to affect cognitive functions including visual processing and spatial awareness. 

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska stumbled upon the discovery when they were undertaking an unrelated study into throat microbes.

I'm not sure I understand what I'm seeing, and I do feel a bit spaced out. Please pass the nano-silver.

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Category: Health
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones