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The Honorable Paul Hellyer addresses Congressmen on world affairs

Nov 21, 2014

This former Canadian Minister of Defense was given 20 minutes in May of 2013 before some US congressmen to enlighten them in regard to various items of national interest, including the subject of UFO's. It looks like this event was held at the Press Club in Washington DC.


He starts out by telling us of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings from other star systems. He says at least two ET’s have been working with the US government at a base in Nevada. Then he turns his attention to other matters, briefly explaining how the shadow government developed in the 1930’s, whose plan was to bring in a New World Order for the benefit of certain “elites.”

He calls the “Cabal.” In speaking of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989, the world expected to receive a “peace dividend,” but that in reality the US government took a great leap in the wrong direction. Its new policy was that of “preemptive wars,” taken directly from Israeli policy, and which was a violation of international law.

One of the most significant things that he said was that this new US policy was vastly different from other nations’ vision of a New World Order. In other words, there are two competing views of the NWO, and we should not assume that all men in positions of power support a unified plan to put all men into slavery. There are some who argue that virtually all powerful men (or “elites”) in the world are united by a goal to enslave humanity. I disagree with that assessment.

I believe Paul Hellyer was hinting at the fact that the Kings of the East are very much in disagreement with the Western “Cabal.” This is the basis of the conflict today between East and West, and it is also the reason for the BRICS Development Bank that was set up as an alternative to the IMF and the BIS.

My view, of course, is based upon my view of biblical prophecy, where we are witnessing a repeat of the overthrow of Babylon as prophesied in Isaiah 44 and 45 and depicted in Daniel 5. God has raised up powers from the East (Rev. 16:12) to overthrow the powers of Mystery Babylon in the West, setting the stage for the transfer of authority from the kingdoms of men to the saints of the Most High.

Paul Hellyer touches on a number of different topics, and whether or not one agrees with each of those topics, we should hear what he has to say.

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