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The 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve banks opening in 1914

Nov 19, 2014

We have just passed a milestone in history.


Some seven months after the Reserve Bank Organization Committee announced which cities and districts were selected, all twelve Reserve Banks opened on the same day, Monday, November 16, 1914. There was a sense of urgency to open the Reserve Banks, as World War 1 was affecting commerce and banking, but there were many organizational hurdles to overcome.

This date is significant in that the year 1914 was the 2,520th anniversary of when God took the divine mandate from Judah and gave it to Babylon. If the beast nations’ rule had not been interrupted for a century from 163-63 B.C., their authority would have ended in 1914. However, because Jerusalem was independent during the final century of Grecian rule, God’s contract with the beast empires was extended at the end of the time.

That extension went from 1914 to 2014 and during that time, the beast took the form of the Federal Reserve Banks.

The Federal Reserve Act itself empowered this new beast system on Dec. 23, 1913, but the banks did not open until November 16, 1914.

Hence, the century allotted to the Federal Reserve banks to function under divine authority began to come to an end last December, but the full end is seen Nov. 16, 2014.

This coincided with the 1480th anniversary of the Justinian Law Code that was published on Nov. 16, 534 A.D., as well as the adoption of the new banking rules at the G20 economic conference in Brisbane.

We have passed an important milestone.

Our next watch date will be November 30, 2014. This is because of the pattern we saw in 1996 when the Coronation Stone was moved from London, England to Edinburgh, Scotland. The stone was taken by procession, beginning Nov. 14, 1996 and was placed on the oak table two weeks later on Nov. 30.

That transfer, presided over by Prince Andrew, signified the transfer of authority from the kingdoms of men to the saints of the Most High. It left on Prince Charles’ birthday and arrived on Saint Andrews Day. Both names (Charles and Andrew) mean manly, and so it pictured the divine right to rule (the stone) being given up by the princes of men, arriving on Saint Andrews Day, i.e., the “saints” of the Most High.

See the full story with explanations in my book, The Wars of the Lord, chapter 15.

This was an early picture of what we see this year at the same time. The year 1996 was still 18 year short of the full end of the beasts’ allotment of time to rule. But now that we have completed that time period, it appears that we are to see it as a two-week time of transfer from Nov. 14 to Nov. 30. Hence, this is what we should watch at this time.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones