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Nov 11, 2014

November 14. Last year on this date, at the conference in Lake Sebu (Mindanao, Philippines), I was speaking at a pastor’s conference. I gave Iraqi dinar to those pastors and teachers in attendance. This occurred right after super-typhoon Haiyan.

Last week another super-typhoon Nuri narrowly missed the Philippines, headed north toward Japan, but ultimately hit Alaska, pushing the Polar Vortex south. This is now causing unusually cold weather and snowstorms to hit the Midwest yesterday and today.

November 14 is also the 318th day of the year, which is the number of the Remnant and also a number associated with the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

We should watch November 14, 2014. This will be the start of the next two 76-day cycles of cleansing that will end on April 15, 2015.

Something new is happening this year insofar as the prophetic years are concerned. Some months ago I began to get pieces of revelation that indicated some sort of change. These revelations were based on Exodus 12:2, where God changed Israel’s calendar, moving the first month from September to April (that is, the month of Passover).

This is happening again this year. The Prophetic Year will now begin in the Spring, rather than in the Autumn. The 76-day cycles will remain the same, except that they will now lead into the Prophetic Year, rather than being the beginning of the Prophetic Year.

I am not sure yet how this will change things, but it will require a new way of viewing the divine plan. Instead of the 8th day of Tabernacles being the climax and conclusion of the Prophetic Year, we will have to shift our focus to the time around Passover and the wave-sheaf offering.

November 16. I have written extensively in the past about how we are at the end of the beast empires’ mandate to rule the earth. The 2,520-year contract (“seven times”) might have ended in 1914, except that the third beast (Greece) was deprived of a century from 163-63 BC when Jerusalem became independent. Hence, that century had to be added at the end, and this meant that their contract ends in 2014—specifically October 16, 2014.

At the same time, when we understand that the “little horn” in Daniel 7:8, 20, 24, 25 was to be the final beast system, its end coincides with the end of all the beast empires. The little horn is given half of the time of the beast empires (3½ “times,” or 1,260 years).

In Revelation 13, where these 3½ “times” are set forth in terms of “forty-two months,” we find that this is not the full time allotted to the little horn. John tells us that this period of time ends with the “fatal wound” given to the little horn, but that this wound would be healed. In other words, its time would go beyond the 1,260-year time frame given in the book of Daniel.

The fall of Rome occurred in 476 A.D., and the little horn rose up from 529-534 A.D. when Emperor Justinian (of the Eastern Roman Empire) changed the calendar and the laws of the empire to conform to their understanding of Church law. First the calendar was changed from the Roman A.U.C. system (from the founding of Rome) to where it dated from the supposed birth of Christ.

Second, the laws of the Roman Empire were completely revised to reflect Church law—what came to be known as “canon law.” The Code of Justinian was first written in 529, revised in 530, and the final revision was published on November 16, 534 A.D.

On November 16, 2014 we will reach precisely 1,480 years from this date.

These laws did not come into legal force until December 30, 534 A.D.


Known as the Codex Repetitae Praelectionis, this second edition of the Code was published on November 16, 534 and took effect on December 30.

So we really have two dates to watch: November 16 and December 30.

I have written about the importance of the 1,480-year cycle in past weblogs. You can use our internal search engine to find those writings. The main precedent we have is that Jesus was crucified on the 1480th Passover since the feast that was kept by Israel in Egypt as they left the country under Moses. Likewise, Pentecost in Acts 2 was the 1,480th Pentecost since the law was first given at Mount Sinai under Moses.

Since Acts 7:38 calls Israel “the church in the wilderness,” we are now seeing a second time cycle for the Church, which has been in the wilderness for a long time. The rise of the “little horn” out of the ruins of the fourth beast (Rome) meant that the Church was given power to rule its portion of the earth.

The problem was that the Church began to rule like all of the beast empires before it. It adopted the same political tactics as its predecessors. It proved to have the same heart of the beast. I suppose this was inevitable, since it had to fulfill the last half of the beast empires’ dominion over the earth. If the Church had truly manifested the Kingdom of God, then the beasts could complain in the divine court that they had been deprived of their time to rule.

At any rate, on November 16, 2014 we will come to the end of 1,480 years since the same date in 534 A.D. This appears to be one of the final dates in the series of endpoints that correlate with the series of beginning points from 529-534.

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