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Bill Johnson's Jubilee declaration

Nov 22, 2014

This is an interesting 45-minute teaching video from Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in Redding, California.


In the first 20 minutes he has some very good teachings on “prosperity” that is balanced and avoids the problems that have tripped so many prosperity teachers over the years.

In the next 20 minutes he teaches from Psalm 67, which is one of my favorite psalms about the restoration of creation. Of course, Bill and I differ on the outcome of the divine plan at that point, but nonetheless, he has some good things to say. I believe that he and I agree that in the end creation will be saved, but I believe that all of the people along the way, who missed God and did not know Christ during their time on earth, will be raised from the dead at the Great White Throne and will be given an understanding of God.

He obviously believes—as many do—that once a person has died, he goes beyond the hope of salvation. Such teaching is not biblical, in my view, but the truth has been obscured over the years by two things: (1) the Church’s Old Covenant view of salvation that is based upon man’s vow to God, and (2) the Universalist teaching that does not properly acknowledge the judgments of God in the Age following the Great White Throne.

As most of you know, I hold a third view that the judgments of God in the Age to come will teach people the ways of God, rather than lock them into a permanent state of separation from God. In this way, all of creation will come into the glorious freedom of the children of God, as Paul says in Romans 8:21.

Not all people will experience this at the same time. First the overcomers, then the rest of the Church, and finally the rest of creation will come to Him, for every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess Him as Lord. In time, everyone who has ever lived will bow before Him to the glory of God the Father, but most will do so at the resurrection, rather than during their life on earth. In other words, most will learn of God through the judgments of the law operating in their lives, as Isaiah 26:9 tells us.

Bill Johnson ends his teaching with a great Jubilee declaration.

This teaching was posted on November 16, 2014, although he had done the actual teaching a couple weeks earlier. This date is of significance, because it correlated with the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Federal Reserve Banks, which put America (and the world) into bondage. It was also the 1480th anniversary of when the “little horn” published the new Church laws that put Europe and the West into the bondage of the Feudal System.

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