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Preparations for spiritual warfare

Oct 07, 2014

When Joshua entered the land, the Israelites knew that they were about to engage in warfare.

We are now preparing to enter the land as well. The first event was the baptism on the Day of Atonement a few days ago, where two couples, standing in proxy for the overcomers, agreed to cross over and take the land. We are now in a 13-day time of confirming this decision, each day saying “amen” to the original decision. The 13 days are October 4-16, inclusive.

The day after the baptism (Sunday) I found myself in a conversation with three friends, who began to tell me about a certain satanic organization based here in Minneapolis that pretends to be somewhat “Christian.” It turns out that this (and others) has provided us with our first project in a coming spiritual battle to “take the land.”

This will be a battle that goes back 21 years to 1993 in the conflict with Pan, the counterfeit spirit of Tabernacles. It appears that we are reaching the deciding moment in that long-term conflict.

First, however, we must focus on the conference itself this week. We can only prepare ourselves until we have received the full authority to complete the work of bringing the world into subjection to Christ. Each time we have received a new level of authority, it has been for the purpose of taking further ground. October 16 is the third (and final, I believe) transfer of authority needed to complete this work.

We will probably discuss this among ourselves at our next local meeting on the 19th. We could be engaged in warfare immediately or shortly after that date. I will keep you informed as I learn more.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones