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Pre-Conference Tidbits

Oct 06, 2014

The Tabernacles conference is scheduled to begin Thursday morning. Some are coming early (beginning today), and so I do not know if I will have time to write more Bible study weblogs this week.

I will update the Conference Schedule as needed, most notably to change the Decree from Sunday afternoon to Sunday morning. Since some are flying out in the afternoon on Sunday, this will allow more people to be there for the decree.

We will continue to have company throughout the week after the conference as well, but I do not think this will prevent me from continuing the weblogs.

I will be bringing ample supplies of my books to the conference, for those who want to pick up some of them. I completed the fifth book on Luke some weeks ago, and all 5 of these (covering Luke 1-14) will be available. The sixth book is not yet completed, as this will include Luke 15-17, and I have not finished the 17th chapter yet. So far, as of today, I have completed 88 pages in Book 6. Hopefully, the entire study in Luke will be completed by Passover of 2015.

Last Saturday (the Day of Atonement) I baptized two couples at the Mississippi River. This was not a baptism for salvation, but a prophetic baptism that was a preparation for the Feast of Tabernacles. The two couples represented the two goats and also paralleled Jesus’ baptism on the Day of Atonement.

Before their baptism, they expressed their faith to enter into the Promised Land, in order to reverse the curse of the people’s lack of faith in Numbers 14. On that occasion the people turned the Jubilee into a Day of Atonement, from rejoicing to mourning for refusing to enter the Kingdom. On the other hand, we reversed this, turning mourning into a day of rejoicing (jubilation).

I will say more about this at the conference. The conference will be held on the west side of the Mississippi River. The baptism was done on the east side.

There are so many things happening these days, it is hard to keep up with it all.

Thom Mills may end up live-streaming most of the conference after all. Watch for a possible announcement this week.

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