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Antares rocket explodes on liftoff

Oct 29, 2014

Yesterday an unmanned rocket exploded shortly after liftoff. It was carrying 5,000 lbs. of supplies to the space station.


The crew of the space station will not suffer from a food shortage, however, because a successful Russian rocket took off successfully a few hours later, bringing the needed supplies. What an ironic turn of events!

The rocket was named after the star, Antares, which is located in the constellation of Scorpio. The Wikipedia says this about the meaning of Antares.

Antares, the proper name of this star, derives from the Ancient Greek Άντάρης, meaning "equal to-Ares" ("equal to-Mars"), due to the similarity of its reddish hue to the appearance of the planet Mars….

In ancient Egypt, Antares represented the scorpion goddess Serket (and was the symbol of Isis in the pyramidal ceremonials).


Notice that Antares means “equal to Mars.” Recall that on October 19, there was a huge planetary explosion on Mars as a comet passed closely. Likewise, the Wikipedia article above tells us that Antares “was the symbol of ISIS.” These are signs, it seems, of the soon-coming destruction of ISIS (“Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”).

It may also have reference to the Egyptian goddess, Isis, and to Washington D.C., which was built in her honor by Masonic Catholics. The city streets and buildings were laid out to portray an earthly manifestation of certain stars, most importantly, Virgo, whom the Egyptians knew as Isis.

On the surface, for the benefit of Catholics, Washington was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but to the Masons, the city was dedicated to Virgo, or Isis. Even the so-called Federal Triangle (White House, Capitol, and Washington Monument) were positioned exactly as Arcturus, Regulus, and Spica are seen in a triangle in the night sky.

So the destruction of Antares may foreshadow some traumatic events in Washington in the near future. I wrote a fuller account of the construction of Washington D.C. and the secret Catholic-Masonic alliance in a Foundation For Intercession bulletin in 2004.



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