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A short conference report

Oct 13, 2014

The Tabernacles conference this past week end went very well, many saying (as usual) that this was the best conference of all. I suppose that means that each conference keeps improving, so we are thankful for that. People from at least five countries attended the conference: USA, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Japan.

Although the decision to broadcast it live online was made in the last week before the conference, it seems that more people watched it online than in person. It is good to know that our efforts were of benefit to many of you.

Thanks also to all of you who helped support the conference financially. Some were very generous, and so all conference expenses were exceeded. It is always a blessing to put on a conference without declaring bankruptcy the following Monday.

I think the one thing that impressed me the most was how many people were led by their own revelation to add various features to the conference itself. The music was awesome. The communion was supplied by revelation, using homemade mead (honey wine). Since it had no brand, I thought we should call it Darius mead.

After communion, we made the declaration before the divine court to transfer the authority from the kingdoms of this world to the saints of the Most High. (It will come into force on October 16.) I was led to do this jointly with Carolyn, who came with a group of women from Texas, to show that the Sons of God are not complete as either male or female, but only as the sons and daughters are in unity.

I first met Carolyn (and the entire group of women) in Meadville, PA in 1991. Was it a coincidence that we also had mead for communion? We are heading into the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk and honey wine.

At the last minute, someone else was led to bring a staff to represent the authority being transferred to the saints of the Most High. The staff was found at the headwaters of the Mississippi River some time ago during a prophetic work there. Little did we know how it would be used years later.

The following is the video featuring the declaration:

(Note:  Click the "uStream" logo for page of all the videos from the conference)

I want to thank everyone for contributing their revelation to the conference, as this put all the pieces of the puzzle into place that God intended.

Some of you may recall the dream that Bonnie Jones had some months ago, where she saw Kathryn Kuhlman prophesying about October 16. Well, here is another interesting sign that occurred when her husband, Bob Jones, died back on February 13, 2014. It seems that the clock in his hospital room did some strange stuff, pointing out 8 and 12.


October is presently our 10th month, but it used to be the 8th month of the year. Hence, its name, “October,” which means “the 8th month.” So I wonder if perhaps this timing sign was pointing to October 12, the day that we made the declaration. If she, Bonnie received revelation of both October 12 and 16.

Also, on October 12 the server for our website experienced a massive cyber attack that shut down the entire server. Some of you probably noticed that it was shut down for a while that morning. We prayed, and the site came back immediately. It appears that some people out there are not too happy with what we were about to do.

I am always amazed that most of the Church does not believe that what we are doing is of any value or has any effectiveness. But there are Satanists who do believe it, and so they attack us. They do not realize that we are doing these things, not to destroy them but to set them free from enslavement. We do not hate them, because we have the mind of Christ, who loved the world and was willing to die for the sin of the whole world—including those into Satanism and witchcraft.

At any rate, the transfer has been declared from the divine court and cannot be reversed. It is also apparent that we will soon engage in spiritual warfare under the new authority that has been given to us. I will say more of this later, but keep in mind that in many ways we have been seeing a direct parallel between 2001 and 2014. Back in November 2001 we fought a very important spiritual battle, which we will build upon in 2014.

So stay tuned, and we will keep you informed.

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