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Watch September 15

Sep 10, 2014

In addition to our current prayer campaign dates (September 4-11), the next watch date is September 15.

Recall that last July 15 was the date that the new BRICS Development Bank was established in Shanghai, China. This bank is an alternative to the International Monetary Fund, created largely because of international dissatisfaction with the USA's refusal to give up any voting rights, even though every other nation has signed on to the Reforms set forth in 2010.

Many years ago a revelation was given: "July is like September." We have noticed every year that some event in July marked an important corresponding date in September.

It appears that July 15 may be the date that is most important in 2014, and that we should therefore watch September 15 as well.

We also note that July 15 was the date that China began its military exercises designed to combat "internal threats." One Chinese analyst believes this was actually a pre-emptive strike against people in Shanghai planning a coup of some sort. The plotters, he believes, were those of the old school Communist politics who were resisting the recent changes toward market-based economics.

What is, perhaps, of interest is that the plotters appear to be centered in Shanghai, the same place (and time) that the BRICS Development Bank was established.


An unusual and massive military exercise has been going on in China, and it seems to have had purposes that are more political than military.

“Firepower-2014″ kicked off on July 15, and 10 consecutive live ammunition drills across military regions were launched by the Chinese People’ Liberation Army. In the meantime, the Navy and the Air Force also mobilized to participate in the exercises in the Beibu Gulf, Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, and East China Sea.

With the participation of the three armed forces and the troops from the six military regions, the exercise was dubbed as an unprecedented “Massive Military Exercise of the Three Armed Forces in Four Seas.”...

On July 29, during the large-scale military exercises, the Xi Jinping regime unexpectedly made public the long-pending case against Zhou Yongkang, the former domestic security czar and diehard loyalist to former CCP head Jiang Zemin. After obtaining relatively safe reactions from society, the well-wrought, ruthless exposure and denunciation of Zhou Yongkang were then published on Chinese mass media one after another.

On July 30, the day after the Zhou Yongkang case was announced, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection sent a high-profile inspection team to station in Shanghai until the end of September.

On Aug. 11, the chairman of the Shanghai Bright Food Group, Wang Zongnan, was arrested. The Group’s predecessor was the Shanghai Yimin Food Factory, and Jiang Zemin was the first deputy director of the factory....

This series of events suggests China may have experienced some form of coup involving Beijing and Shanghai. It could have been a failed attempt to overthrow Xi that has been put down or a move from Xi’s camp to get rid of Jiang’s political force.

Now watch for other major changes in China. Keep in mind that Communism was always first and foremost an economic policy. When China discarded Communist economics, they gutted the main idea of Communism itself. Political change always follows economic change. Economic freedom will inevitably spawn political freedom, even if it is done in increments, as was the economic freedom.

This in turn will lead to religious freedom and freedom of philosophy, ideas, etc., as long as these do not directly threaten the state.

Somehow, these changes will be implemented at the time of the Global Currency Reset and the other big changes as the economic center of gravity moves East. Since July 15 could well be an important date in two ways--both pointing to Shangai--I think we ought to watch September 15 as well.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones