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The Red Dragon repents with Michael

Sep 23, 2014

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 a group of people came together to repent on behalf of themselves, their ancestors, and the Dragon families of China. These included Ron Van Dyke, Jace, Michael, the Ambassador, and the Red Dragon—the head of a particular dynasty from China. Not only did they pray repentance as an intercessory act, but they also declared a Jubilee.

They posted a report on U-Tube the next day, September 22, hosted by Ron Van Dyke. It is about 38 minutes long.


The Red Dragon family in China does not function under the spirit found in Revelation 12. That particular spirit guides the British monarchy, which has a red dragon on its flag.


In listening to some of Ron Van Dyke’s earlier posts, he told briefly how the head of the Red Dragon family had become a believer. It seems that while he was in South America some years ago he suddenly dropped dead. When he awoke, he was in the morgue. He said that Jesus had sent him back. This face-to-face encounter is what caused him to believe in Jesus Christ.

So the Red Dragon (the person, not the spirit) met with the group on September 21 via internet connection to do a prayer of repentance. What is interesting also is that a man named Michael was also part of this.

To give a brief summary of the video above, four people shared testimonies. A lady named Jace shared first, showing the importance of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Michael shared next, telling people that their goal was not to convert people to a religion, but pointing to the one Creator of all. He said, “It’s not a religious act to forgive. It’s a divine act.” He also spoke of this year being a Jubilee Year, and I suspect that what he means is that Yom Kippur (October 4, 2014) is the start of a Jubilee Year in his way of thinking.

He shared briefly about the divine plan to overcome the 666 plan of Antichrist by the 555 divine plan. You would have to hear earlier reports to understand this, but in essence, numbers have symbolic meaning to them, and the divine plan is to bring peace to the earth by overcoming those who rule or gain power by violence.

The Ambassador shared next. In earlier reports, he said that he was the Ambassador at the United Nations, representing the Dragon families as a borderless nation. He shared how he had been trained in the principles of carnal government and had been brainwashed into thinking that their purpose was to protect governments rather than the people. Later, he wanted to be part of the group that was “cleansing the earth.” In other words, he wanted to be part of a team that was removing some bad people from the earth in the war against what we know as Mystery Babylon. He has since focused on more peaceful methods.

He said that the Western world’s corporate governments created ISIS and the various terrorist organizations that are now killing people everywhere. He appealed to people to “turn back to God; proclaim the Jubilee. We should pray forgiveness for ourselves and for our ancestors. Then we can have a Jubilee.”

At the end, they all blew their shofars.

Why We Need a Jubilee

A few years ago hardly anyone knew what a Jubilee was. I had written about it many times, of course, but the banking crisis of September 2008 sparked a whole new revelation to many economists around the world. As far as I heard, Peter Schiff was the first to advocate a Jubilee, a cancellation of debt world-wide. Then others joined in. Now the Red Dragon himself is proclaiming a Jubilee!

Economists are now understanding that we do not have a bank crisis; we have a debt crisis. And the only way to resolve this is to cancel the debt, wipe the slate clean, and start over with a Jubilee.

Here is why:

Suppose I am the only one authorized to make marbles. But all the kids in town want marbles. So I loan each person ten marbles with the provision that in one year they give me back eleven marbles.

So during the year, everyone plays marbles with each other, seeking to increase their number of marbles in order to be able to pay back eleven marbles at the end of the year. Some succeed, but only at the expense of others.

At the end of the year, some pay me eleven marbles, but half of the kids cannot pay. So I take their bicycles in payment of my marbles. The problem is that there will never be enough marbles to repay me at interest. That is the situation with money. In 1913 the Fed was given exclusive right to create money. They loaned it out at interest. We all worked hard to obtain more than we were loaned in order to be able to repay at the end of the day. But there was never enough money in circulation to repay the debt, because of the interest on the loan.

If it were not for the fact that more and more money was borrowed, we would have simply run out of money when the original debt came due. The Fed creates money out of nothing and loans it to the government at interest. When interest cannot be paid, they take real goods and services as payment. It costs the Fed almost nothing to loan money which they create by simply writing up a contract, but they receive things of real value in return.

It is nothing but fraud. The national debt is fraudulent. That is why it is not a good idea to buy bonds (debt). One can make money on bonds, but only until the year of Jubilee. At some point, those bonds will become worthless.

The great Jubilee of our time will be when debts are cancelled. This will coincide with the overthrow of the Western economic system, where all money is made of debt notes. It will soon be replaced by the Eastern system, where money is actual wealth. This conflict is now coming to a head.

When the global reset occurs, the system will continue to change and evolve, of course. This alternate plan, set up by the Dragon family, is not fully biblical at this point, but it is moving in the right direction.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones