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The final broken treaty

Sep 11, 2014

A year ago we participated in a prayer campaign to repent of all the treaties that our nation has broken over the years. We can hardly find a treaty that our government has NOT broken one way or another.

Just one year ago both the military and the Congress rejected Obama’s war plan against Syria.


We saw this rejection of war as an answer to prayer, because it would have broken the treaty between Jacob and Laban the Syrian (Genesis 31:52). See my report:


It appears, however, that last year’s prayer campaign was only a temporary victory. The intelligence agencies of the US, Britain, and “Israel” teamed up to unleash their prize terrorist organization, ISIS (or ISIL) against Iraq in order to provide a back door opening to Syria. Last evening President Obama formally announced his “war on terror” much like President Bush did in 2001.


It is interesting that this occurred on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the 911 demolition of the Twin Towers at the hand of the Israeli Mossad, and  US government officials employed by the oligarchs of Babylon.

Earlier this year, I wrote that I was discerning a 13-year parallel between 2001 and 2014. I took note at the time the date of September 11 and wondered what kind of parallel event we might see. President Obama’s speech last night was the answer. It is plain that presidents of both parties are following orders from the same oligarchs from behind the scenes.

It took just a year for those power brokers to regroup so that they could continue their plan to destroy Syria, thus eliminating Syria as a threat to the Israeli state. It appears that the plan since 2001, which General Wesley Clark said was to “overthrow seven countries in five years,” was designed to bring internal chaos and instability to the region so that they would not pose a threat to the Israeli state. Listen to what Wesley Clark said in 2007:


This war plan was opposed by Russian President Putin, who backed Syria’s president. Putin also backed those who overthrew the US-sponsored Muslim Brotherhood that had taken over Egypt in the guise of “democracy.” Putin had tried early on to unite with the West, but found himself treated as an enemy by US presidents. He saw the US military continuing to surround Russia with military bases.

When the US and Israel decided to move into Georgia (the nation near the Black Sea), Putin said “enough is enough.” Today the battleground is Ukraine, all for the same reasons.

The war seems to have evolved from a strategy of destabilizing governments in the Middle East to overcoming Russian opposition to their war plans. Russia’s strategy is to use business with Europe as an incentive to set Europe free from US dominance. Individual European countries are fearful of their Big Brother’s dominance and do not want to go against US policy. But the business leaders are largely pro-Russian in this conflict, because they stand to lose the most by the sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, Obama’s speech proclaimed that the US has the right to engage in air strikes in Syria and also arm the so-called “moderate” terrorists against the Assad government. At the same time, the US denounces Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, even though Russia has far more legitimate “interest” in Ukraine than the US has in Syria.

What we are now seeing is a parallel with 2001 as well as a regrouping from the failed attempt to invade Syria in 2013. Early last month some of us discussed a follow-up prayer campaign this year. Unfortunately, the seven intercessors who organized the prayer campaign last year were blocked by their church from doing anything this year. Hence, this past year’s “call to the wall” went unheeded, much like what happened during the 1980’s when the church consistently rejected the call to intercession. Such decisions make no sense to us, of course, but the heart of the church remains largely unchanged.

Our “Wall of Fire” prayer campaign was designed to put a wall of fire around the New Jerusalem, to protect the overcomers, but this campaign is limited to the inheritors of the New Jerusalem. The church will benefit, of course, but like the church in the wilderness under Moses, it will not inherit the Kingdom. There is a difference between being saved and inheriting the Kingdom, as Israel’s example shows.

The Wall of Fire prayer campaign ends today, and I can report that it was a success. But President Obama’s speech last night shows that the US government intends to break the treaty between Jacob and Laban. These evil plans will continue until the hidden rulers of Babylon are overthrown.

We know that on October 16, 2014 those rulers of the beast empires described in Daniel 7 will lose their divine mandate after 2,520 years. God took the Scepter of Judah from the kings of Jerusalem and gave it to the king of Babylon in 607 B.C. In Genesis 49:10 we read that “the scepter shall not depart from Judah… until Shiloh comes.” But in Jeremiah 27:6 God says, “and now I have given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon… and all the nations shall serve him.”

Obviously, when Judah failed to fulfill the responsibilities of the Dominion Mandate, God had the right to give it to others. These were the “beast” empires described in Daniel 7, the lion, bear, leopard, and the beast with iron teeth. God had warned them in the laws of tribulation that if they persisted in rebellion, God would put them into captivity for “seven times” (7 x 360, or 2,520 years). These beasts have now ruled for a full 2,520 years, after accounting for the century in which Jerusalem was independent of beast rule from 163-63 B.C.

Their lawful contract will expire next month, changing the spiritual landscape of history for the next thousand years (and beyond).

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