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Aug 23, 2014

We got back late last night from our ministry trip. This past week was full of meetings and fellowship. Everything went very well, and some prophetic things were accomplished that should bear good fruit in the months and years ahead. Right now, it is too soon to share those things.

While we were gone…

Ukraine: Russia sent 300 trucks of humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine…


… where the Kiev government has been engaged in classic war crimes such as genocide, according to Global Research:


Russia’s humanitarian aid did not wait for normal paperwork to come through, because they knew that Kiev would not allow aid to those they are trying to kill.


Kiev complained that Russia was violating their borders, according to the Wall Street Journal:


However, no one complained on July 24 when Turkey violated Syria’s border by sending aid to the Syrian rebels.


As usual, we love double standards when they suit us. It’s all part of the propaganda war.

The US government helped finance the Taliban and al Qaeda back in the 1980’s to oppose Russia when they moved into Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden’s CIA code name was Tim Osman. A few years later, the Israeli government helped start Hamas in order to oppose Yassir Arafat’s PLO in Palestine. More recently, the CIA helped start or fund the latest generation of terrorists, ISIS (or ISIL) in order to overthrow Syria’s president Assad. Remember that smiling Senator John McCain photo with the friendly ISIS leader a couple years ago?

In each case, these organizations came back to haunt us. They call this “intelligence.” In time, I suppose, the dictionaries will change their definition of this word to fit the realities of the English language.

Iraq: It is being reported that the country now has a new Prime Minister, al Abadi. It is supposed to be formally announced in the next few days, probably Monday.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister al Maliki is getting ready to flee the country, hoping to get asylum in Britain for his many crimes while in office. Preparations are already being made to try him at the World Court in The Hague, if not in Iraq itself. As soon as the new PM is formally announced, Maliki will lose his immunity.

There is much anticipation that seating the new government in Iraq will be followed by the internationalization of their currency (dinar). This will fully end the UN sanctions that were imposed in August of 1990 the week after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The US waged war on their currency long before the ground invasion, making it economically difficult for Iraq to support its defense.

Iraq is now seeing better days, and once the new government is formed, then a wider war will be waged against ISIS, driving them back into Syria. The USA wants them to remain in Syria to earn their US dollars fighting the Assad government, rather than taking over Iraq. Ironically, yesterday the US signaled that it might actually go after ISIS in Syria.


Will the US military actually help Syrian president Assad by bombing ISIS?

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO): Created in 1996, this organization is led by China and Russia, but also included Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Next month it is to include the nations of India, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Iran, enlarging the Organization to more than 3 billion people.


Other nations are being given observer status as well, including Turkey, which is of great importance, since it is currently a NATO country. Turkey has been angry over Europe’s refusal to allow it to become part of the Eurozone, so it is now looking East.

Historically, Germany and Turkey are natural allies, as are France and Russia. The stronger the SCO, the greater the “pull” for Germany and France to join the SCO. In today’s economic world, of course, Germany and Russia have become closely tied together. If the US continues to try to drive wedges between Europe and Russia/China, the US will soon find itself isolated. If they try to sanction everyone else, the US will simply sanction itself from the rest of the world.

The Beast now hates the Whore: It seems also that more and more nations are getting sick of the American export of immorality. Russia and Africa have already rejected the gay-lesbian rights agenda, in spite of the browbeating that President Obama has given them. Now the Dominican Republic has canceled Miley Cyrus’s scheduled concert (Sept. 13) on the grounds that she violates their morality laws.


The more that China and Russia defy the will of the US government, the more other nations feel safer in doing the same. My, my, how times are changing. The beast (nations of the world) now “hate the harlot” (Revelation 17:16) and will soon “eat her flesh and burn her up with fire.” Why? Is it because the nations are so righteous? No, Revelation 17:17 says, “for God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose.”

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