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Tabernacles Conference Update

Aug 27, 2014

Our Tabernacles conference will be held here in Minneapolis beginning the morning of Thursday, October 9 and concluding the afternoon of Sunday, October 12. Because of factors out of my control, these meetings may NOT be broadcast on U-Stream. We are looking into other alternatives and will keep you updated as we go. They will, no doubt, be made available after the conference on DVD’s through Thom Mills, who will be recording the sessions.

The DoubleTree is located at 1500 South Park Place, Minneapolis, MN. The hotel telephone number for reservations is 952-542-8600. You may also go to our website at the address above and book a reservation directly online, as the hotel gave us a link to a personalized website for this conference.

The block of rooms that we reserved at the DoubleTree Hotel has been filled, but we have been granted as many rooms as necessary at the $139 rate/day as long as the hotel is not completely filled. (All of the $109/day block of rooms have been filled. Others are now having to pay over $200/night, so if you call the hotel directly, be sure to tell them that you are coming to the God’s Kingdom Ministries conference.)

This conference is open to the public. There are no entry fees and no registration forms to fill out in order to attend the meetings.

The meeting room will hold at least 300 comfortably. I am expecting 250-300 to attend, including the local people who will not need hotel rooms. I was also told that if necessary we could probably get the main Ballroom which would hold 600. We will keep that in mind, in case something crazy happens.

There are many restaurants in the area, plus sandwich shops, Arby’s, bagels, coffee shops, and even a Caribou Coffee shop. There is also a grocery store, Costco, and other stores within a few blocks of the hotel.

Speakers will include Ron Oja, James Bruggeman, Rob Corry, Mark Eaton, Vincent Imperial, and Stephen Jones. For music, Dave Dixon will be the coordinator and work with others who will provide praise and worship each morning. Dave will also have an hour to share music and testimony. Carlos and Shelli Ricci will also be sharing an hour of music. Paul Kyle will also help us out in the morning. Other speakers will have two or three sessions of 50 minutes each.

Each speaker has his own unique background, training, and gifting, so this line-up will give you a variety of teachings and ministries for your edification.

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