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Larry Randolph prophecy for 2014

Aug 30, 2014

This is a remarkable prophecy about the importance of 2014, given last April. This 12-minute video is amazing in light of our own discernment about the transfer of authority that is coming this year.


Larry calls this the Year of Unveiling, which will uncover and expose evil, as well as unveiling the Sons of God. It affirms Bonnie Jones’ prophetic dream, which I am also posting today, about the birthing of the Kingdom. Larry says that this “baby” is overdue and that God will induce labor this year.

He also prophesied of the face of God being unveiled to us this year. That, of course, is a function of the Angel Peniel, the angel of the feast of Tabernacles. I first saw him at Tabernacles of 1995 while in North Carolina. See The Wars of the Lord, chapter 14.

Toward the end, Larry came out and stated plainly that “this is the year of the Kingdom of God” and the “Year of Beginnings.”

This is a very encouraging prophecy, because although it recognizes the darkness and evil in the world, it focuses upon the glory of God that is coming, which will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Curiously enough, he said some things about the flood of Noah where he understands that there are two floods—a disaster for those outside the ark, and an outpouring of the Spirit to those inside the ark.

Be sure to watch this for your edification.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones