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The BRICS development Bank and flight MH17

Jul 28, 2014

The past month has seen some important developments in the prophecy of Babylon’s fall and also the progression of the Kingdom of God.

Only July 15 the BRICS Development Bank was established (signed paperwork), agreeing to locate it in Shanghai and giving India’s leader the position as the Bank’s first president.

Back in 2010 the IMF member nations voted for reforms giving developing nations more voting power to reflect the realities of their economic power. However, the US congress, jealous of its own disproportionate power, refused to pass these reforms. The BRICS nations understood from the start that the US congress would most likely continue in its intransigence, and so they began to take steps to create their own development bank.

The IMF officials themselves stated publicly that they “welcomed” this new Bank. That was a slap in the face of the US congress. In time, all of the member IMF nations could simply join the new BRICS development bank and make the IMF irrelevant. If the USA wants to own the IMF, then let it be a US bank and fund itself.

July 15 is a watch date every year, in that it is a type of the first day of Tabernacles (the 15th day of the 7th month). Likewise, on that date in 2010 we saw the fulfillment of the 8th sign of Elisha when the BP oil spill was capped in the Gulf.

Flight MH17

On July 17, as Russian President Putin was flying back to Moscow from the BRICS summit in Brazil, flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 people. Putin’s plane flew over Warsaw, Poland within a half hour of flight MH17 which also flew over Warsaw at nearly the same time. Some have speculated that someone was trying to shoot down Putin’s plane and mistook it for flight MH17, but that is hardly possible. The two planes were flying in different directions, one going to Moscow and the other toward Ukraine.

The blame for the attack on MH17 is being disputed. Nonetheless, when we ask ourselves who benefited from the downing of MH17, the suspicion falls upon the US, Israel, and the Ukrainian government in Kiev. Putin certainly had nothing to gain by it, nor would he be that stupid. Even the rebels in eastern Ukraine had nothing to gain and everything to lose. So the Western press is suggesting that the rebels did it, perhaps as a mistake, and they blame Putin for not controlling the rebels sufficiently to prevent it.

Almost immediately after the plane disaster, the press was fed some telephone conversations where the pro-Russian rebels were discussing the event. They were trying to figure out what happened and who did it. It was obvious that they were surprised that the plane was shot down and disturbed that it was a passenger jet. Further, it appears that the transcript of this conversation was created in the evening of July 16, the day before MH17 crashed.


My first question is how the press got that phone conversation so quickly. News organizations do not normally monitor the telephone conversations in a war zone. Government intelligence agencies, however, do this routinely. Yet normally, they take time to analyze their intelligence before releasing it. Properly motivated, if they had planned ahead and had created the conversation ahead of time, they could have gotten it to the press very quickly.

Second, it is reported that when MH17 was shot down, a US satellite was positioned over Ukraine. The US claims that it spotted the plume from the missile before it hit the plane, which could be used to track its origin. Russia wants the US to show the images that it captured.

Third, Ukraine had sent two fighter jets within 3-5 km of MH17 shortly before the plane was shot down. What were they doing in a passenger jet’s airspace? And for that matter, why was MH17's route altered to fly over Ukraine? Normally, that flight flew over Russian airspace to the east of Ukraine.

Fourth, the MH17 crashed near Ukraine’s air defense base in southeastern Ukraine, where the Kiev government has BUK missile launch systems. It is reported that Kiev had just sent 27 anti-aircraft missile launchers to that base. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the pro-Russian rebels have such missiles themselves, though the press has tried hard to suggest otherwise.


Of course, from the video footage caught on camera, it is not at all clear that MH17 was shot down. The video footage of the crash shows a fireball on the ground, but the video does not show a plane hitting the ground.

Even so, an air traffic controller claimed that the plane was indeed shot down—by the Ukrainian government, not the pro-Russian rebels. He was Spanish, and was swiftly flown out of the country. Is this evidence of a coverup?


As for motives, it is well known that both the US and the Ukrainian government in Kiev hate Russia and have been trying to start a war with Russia ever since Russia prevented the overthrow of Syrian president Assad.

The result was that the US government organized “protests” in the streets of Kiev in order to overthrow the government. They were trying to dislodge Russia’s Black Sea fleet in the Crimea, which protected Syria from direct US involvement. But the people of Crimea then held an election and voted overwhelmingly to become independent and to become part of Russia. Was this election inspired or organized by Russia? That hardly matters, because the people themselves were Russian and wanted to join Russia. This was not an election “held at the point of a gun,” as some reporters stated.

The Pike Plan

It is clear to me that the US government is trying to foment World War III in the Mideast, and that they are angry with Russia (backed by China) for preventing this holocaust from happening. The time has come for the Pike Plan to be implemented, but the conspirators are finding that Russia and China are not interested in such a war. This disagreement is the root cause of the present Cold War between the USA and Russia.

The Pike Plan calls for the destruction of the Israeli state, so that disillusioned people from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity might be swept into Luciferianism.


Some have claimed that this was all a hoax engineered by Leo Taxil in the late 1800’s. Apparently, in 1897 he “confessed” to perpetrating this “hoax.”


But if so, his “hoax” proved to be a very accurate prophecy of WW1 and WW2, and is now proving to be accurate about WW3 as well. How could he have known before 1897 that WW2 would create an Israeli state in the future that would be the cause of the third conflict—the mutual destruction of Islamic states and the Jewish state? Is it not obvious that he was hired to take the credit in order to hide the fact that Albert Pike had indeed written this?

In light of subsequent events, it is obvious to me that this plan has been implemented to the letter all through the 20th century and is behind today’s attempt to start WW3.

Jeremiah 19:11 and Isaiah 29:1-6 makes it clear—at least, to me—that Jerusalem will be destroyed in the end by nuclear weapons, rendering the area uninhabitable. That part of the Pike Plan will succeed, I believe. But the overall plan will fail, because instead of turning to Luciferianism, the world will see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will ultimately bring all nations into the Kingdom of God.

The Pike Plan was conceived by the Luciferian rulers of Mystery Babylon, centered in the West. Babylon is now being opposed by “the kings of the East” (Revelation 16:12), who will succeed, even as the original eastern kings, Cyrus and Darius, overthrew Babylon in Daniel 5:30, 31.

Then the great Stone Kingdom will grind the image of Babylon to powder, while growing until it fills the whole earth (Daniel 2:34, 35, 44, 45).


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