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Pentecost 2014 On-Line Video Conference - Post Event Review

Jun 04, 2014

Posting made by Thom Mills of the BibleStudyStorehouse.com

Pentecost 2014 On-Line Video Conference - Post Event Review

We're How do I Watch Recorded Sessions

The sessions we're recorded and can be watched at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pentecost-conference-2014


Just some quick review and follow up from the day's conference.  First of all, I welcome your feedback which you can send to [email protected]

Even being one in tech, IT and video, it still kinda blows me away that we are able to do what we did yesterday; broadcast to virtually anywhere in the world from virtually anywhere in the world in a relatively smooth and watchable way.

it was a lot of information to process in one day.  I recommend you find the time to go back and rewatch the sessions that spoke to you in the moment even if you didn't get it all as per the link noted above.

There were so many topics discussed, but what resonated with me was that of callings, giving and what Bob talked of love between one another.  Speaking of love for one another can often trigger my "hokey" alarm (goes off when I hear a topic that feels like it was discussed in Kindergarten), but it is my daily living with my kids, wife, parents and extended family all close by that I continually bump up against the reality of how the topic is so very real for me.

Visioning and Donations

Just a tangible note on this front.  You should have noticed that the image quality from the speakers was better than that from the Passover Conference.  That was because of some additional computer hardware that was purchased and implemented between the two conferences; and that was because of your giving to this effort.  But it is not just about hardware, its also about time.  There are so many opportunities that implementing this technology can bring even beyond the conferences.  Some examples coming from just my little brain:

  • weekly video teaching review from Stephen
  • weekly video series focused on topics relevant to youth hosted by me and my kids
  • "open mike" series that takes video submissions from "the Body" (all of you) allowing a forum of teaching what Father gives all of us

All of these require time to plan / prepare, produce the video, etc.  If you can see a vision here, as Bob said, consider how you can be apart of it.

Donations can be made to Servias Ministries here

Donations can also be made through the Bible Study Storehouse here and directed to our efforts directly or to the conference costs.

All of us that were involved thank you for your part in the day and trust you were blessed.

Thom Mills

How Do I Watch the Conference?

In order for you to be able to turn into the video stream and check your settings, there will be video running starting at 9:30 am EST.

The link to the uStream page for the conference is at

You can also watch right here:

How Do I Interact with Others During the Conference?

You can use the uStream Social Stream.  You'll need to go to the uStream page for the conference at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pentecost-conference-2014.  You'll need to sign in there using a uStream account (free) or a Facebook Account.  You can also interact with others on the events Facebook page as per the info here.


Please consider this page to be the home page for the Pentecost 2014 On-Line Video Conference.  Links to the uStream video and site will be here on the day of the event.  I'll try to keep it at or near the top of the blog postings.

We will be "moving" (in a virtual sense) around the US picking up speakers at various locations as per the schedule below.  We are again encouraging you meet together where ever possible.  If you would like to open your location as a regional host site contact me and I'll get you added to the list below.  

Other Sections on this Page


Speaker's List / Schedule

Current schedule and list of speakers subject to changes.  Times and Time Zone conversions are accurate as far as we know.  In case of error or confusion, we are using EDT time as our basis.  For Time Zone conversions to your specific local time, we can recommend using www.timezoneconverter.com.  Sessions will be recorded and available on-line for those that may miss them live.

All Times noted before are based on 12 hour AM/PM Standard
EDT = Eastern (Time Zone) Daylight Time
PDT = Pacific (Time Zone) Daylight Time
GMT = Grenich Mean Time
IST = Irish Standard Time
AEDT = Austarlia Eastern Daylight Time


Time / Date Speaker Topic Presented From
Sunday, June 8   
10:30 AM EDT
07:30 AM PDT
02:30 PM GMT
03:30 PM IST
01:30 AM AEDT

Harmon Taylor

To be Announced Dallas, TX
11:30 PM EDT
08:30 AM PDT
03:30 PM GMT
04:30 PM IST
02:30 AM AEDT

Stephen Jones

To be Announced Dallas, TX
12:30 PM EDT
09:30 AM PDT
04:30 PM GMT
05:30 PM IST
03:30 AM AEDT
Break 1 1/2 Hour Lunch Break (EDT), Brunch (PDT), Supper (GMT, IST), Early Breakfast (AEDT)  
02:00 PM EDT
11:00 AM PDT
06:00 PM GMT
07:00 PM IST
05:00 AM AEDT
Rob Corry

Pentecost:  The Hearing Witness in God’s plan for salvation

Born in Pittsburgh PA in 1963, Rob went on to graduate from Penn State University in 1986 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has been working the past 28 years in the Satellite Communications Engineering field within the Defence / Intelligence mission space.  Rob, his wife Dena and their 4 sons live in Honey Brook, PA which is in eastern Pennsylvania outside of the Philadelphia region.   Rob was brought up in the Catholic Faith but felt the call to be baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ in 1991 and is ever grateful for the opportunity to share Father’s revealed insights.

Near Reading, PA
03:00 PM EDT
12:00 PM PDT
07:00 PM GMT
08:00 PM IST
06:00 AM AEDT
Alan Newton

To be Announced

Born in Charlotte, NC in 1950, Alan has lived in or near the Charlotte area most of his life. After 30 years of chaos in an environment with little or no Christ awareness or exposure, Alan came to know Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour in 1980. He was introduced to Biblical Hebrew at a Passover Seder Service in 1982 by well known Hebrew scholar and highly respected Bible teacher, Karl Coke. For several years Karl Coke was to Alan a mentor, Elder Brother and teacher of the Hebrew language. Alan immediately fell in love with the language our Saviour spoke. However, most of what he holds dear has been revealed to him directly from Holy Spirit insights while studying the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and dissecting Hebrew words.

You can check out Alan's website at thirddaytruth.org

Near Myrtle Beach, SC
04:00 PM EDT
01:00 PM PDT
08:00 PM GMT
09:00 PM IST
07:00 AM AEDT
Bob Henley

To be Announced

 Bethany, OK
05:00 PM EDT
02:00 PM PDT
09:00 PM GMT
10:00 AM IST
08:00 AM AEDT
  Wrap for the Day /  Regional Site Hang Out Time  

Current Regional Sites Update:

We would again like to open the opportunity for the Body to gather for the conference.  If you would like to open your location, please  contact me.  Note that you are best to contact the host to RSVP and for information beyond what is posted.  We have published the information we have available .. if the info isn't there, we don't yet have it.  Hotel locations have hotel info provided.  Home Location host will provide exact location upon RSVP.

USA Locations - State, City Name Email Phone Description
Idaho, Wilderness Ranch (Boise Area - One Hour North West of Boise) Ken Wells [email protected] 208 344 4418 Home / Ranch Location - Space and power for RVs.  Few hotel, motels close by.
Oklahoma, Bethany (Oklahoma City) Bob Henley [email protected]   Home Location
Texas, Dallas Rick Brand [email protected] 940-395-1658 Home Location - Harmon Tayler, one of the conference speakers, will be speaking from this location.
Ontario, Bradford (Toronto Area - 1 hour North or Toronto) Thom Mills [email protected] 905-939-8371 Home Location - Thom and Lisa Mills have opened their location suitable for 30-40 people.  Hotels, restraunts 10-15 min. away.  RVs and Americans welcome :)
QLD, Caboolture (45 min. North of Brisbane) Don and Sue Rackemann [email protected]   Home Location

Regional Site Location Requirements

Interested in becoming a Regional Site Host?  Here is what you need to know at this point.
You will need:
  • A large LCD flat screen or a video projector - depending on how many people you expect to be viewing.
  • A computer, Mac or Windows, connected to your LCD flat screen or projector.  The video is broadcasted over uStream.tv.
  • Some set top boxes and smart TVs have a uStream app for viewing without a computer.  Apps are available for Roku, Boxee, AppleTV, Panasonic Viera and Samsung Smart TV.  Test these apps by checking out the Unity153 show or any other uStream show to ensure that this feature works properly.  More info on viewing options can be found here.
  • In most home applications, a larger LCD Flat screen will likely be sufficient.  In a large home, hotel conference room or similar space, a video projector is likely more appropriate.
  • For audiences over 8-10 people, you are likely going to need audio amplification as most flat screen speakers simply are not normally loud enough or of sufficient sound quality.  People often add a Sound Bar amplifier to their flat screen; that will likely be sufficient.  The speakers on all video projectors are completely insufficient.  If you are using a video projector, you will need an external sound ampler, especially in an hotel conference room or similar venue.
  • A reliable high speed internet connection.  While the faster the better, a 1 Mbit connection should be sufficient for viewing.  If you are able to watch the Unity153 show with out any video interruptions, you are good.  While locations offer wireless WIFI service, a wired connection is always faster and more reliable.  If you believe there may be a need or desire to contribute to the conference via broadcasting, you will need to contact Bob Henley at [email protected]
  • Be aware that if you are considering booking a hotel conference room or other commercial space, that location will likely have equipment available ... at a price.  They may require you to use only there equipment if using their room.  You may also want a microphone with the sound system depending on the size of the group.  Confirm this all as well as their internet connectivity and the prices for such when negotiating for the space.
  • In terms of connecting this all up, there are simply too many combinations and variations to detail here.  Please work out these details with a local resource.  If you simply can not get any help to pull these details together, contact Thom Mills at [email protected].
  • As uStream features an interactive text feedback mode via Facebook, any one in the audience may wish to use their iPad, iPhone, laptop or other similar device to interact.  They will want a WIFI connection to be able to do this. 
As a Regional Site Host, we will be asking you to:
  • determine the location at which to host
  • determine costs related to the venue.  These costs will need to be covered by yourself and / or other that will be gathering with you.
  • organise food requirements - that can be as simple as giving everybody a list of the restaurants in the area, organizing potluck or what ever else works for you and your group - regardless of meals, water and light snacks should be available at a minimum.  Keep in mind that much of the point of the regional gatherings is for fellowship and connecting and meal times are one of the best times to accomplish this.  We would encourage you to make meals a group experience in some manner.
  • make sure you have some extra bibles on hand for those that may not have brought
  • contact those that have expressed an interest in joining you at your location from the unity153.net site.  Contact information will be forwarded to you.  Be prepared to provide those that are interested in coming your contact info, location address, hotels or other accommodation info.

  Facebook and Twitter General Info
See below for general FaceBook and Twitter info.

 - https://www.facebook.com/unity153passover2014

We'll use the same Facebook page we used for the passover conference.  On this FaceBook page, you can share thoughts, inspirations, etc. before, during and after the conference.  Like and join the page.  Your Likes and joining will be publicly available and can be seen by those that also join the page.  We know that many of you have met each other at conferences past.  This FaceBook page provides a mean of reconnecting.

 - #unity153pentecost2014

Make postings on Twitter using the hashtag #unity153pentecost2013
General FaceBook and Twitter notes:
Viewers and speakers will be able to stay connected via these venues and that is much of the power these.  We are aware that many are wary of Facebook and Twitter and other social media networks; and for good reason.  Both of these services will expose your privacy as much as you make your life public on them.  Both include many privacy setting to give you control of who can access to your information or postings.  Of course, we are aware that those powers that wish to view it all can do so.  This fact alone, though, should not negate the connecting power of these tools.  We also know that your home phone and cell phones are open to "data gathering" and few of us are likely to drop these tools.  All tools need to be respected, these are no different.  With a little understanding and a recognition that what you make public is public, these tools can be used safely and to great effect.  I would recommend you do some research and if you choose to sign up and / or practise with these "tools" do so well before the conference.


Please be aware that there will be expenses incurred in this endeavour.  Cost for most individuals attending a traditional conference are often in the $1000+ once travel, hotel, etc. are included.  We would encourage you to prayerful consider supporting this endeavour financially.  Donations can be made through Servias Ministries at https://www.unity153.net and can be made via credit card.  You can also contribute by check to Servias Ministries, Inc., PO Box 1471, Bethany, OK  73008  All contributions are tax deductible.

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