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One World Government

Jun 24, 2014

There is a world government coming. As a Christian, I believe it will be ruled by Jesus Christ. I believe He has the best qualifications, because unlike all other contenders for the throne, He alone proved that He was willing to die for us. Other would-be rulers have a mindset where they would expect others to die for them.

Jesus’ plan for the world comes out of His character and is therefore rooted in Love. This love is not limited to a chosen few. It is not limited to a few friends. His friends are qualified to carry out His plan because they know how to love as He does, and they are prepared to extend that love to the entire world. Yet everyone benefits.

Many in the Church lack this vision. The Church’s understanding of prophecy and of the divine plan says that soon a great Antichrist will arise who will try to form a One World Government. Without realizing it, their view makes them work against the Kingdom of God that is coming. They do not see that Mystery Babylon has been with us for a very long time. They think it is yet to come. So now, as the Kingdom of God overthrows Mystery Babylon, many Christians are afraid of the Kingdom, thinking that it is a counterfeit that is led by the Antichrist. Hence, they speak against it and work against it, not realizing that they are actually working to sustain the Antichrist system that has ruled the world for a long time.

Daniel’s prophecies spoke of four dominant government beast systems that were given dominion. Because the kings of Judah refused to abide by the laws of God, their dominion mandate was taken from them and given to these beast systems. One of the laws of tribulation stated (in Leviticus 26) that this judgment would last “seven times,” which is a period of 7 x 360 years, or 2,520 years.

This is the Great Tribulation that has been upon the earth since 607-604 B.C. when the king of Babylon was first given the dominion mandate, by which he came and took Jerusalem. The Church has been taught that the Great Tribulation is a future 7-year period ruled by the Antichrist, the beast, and the false prophet. This teaching is one of the great mistakes of the Church, for it has blinded people to the divine plan. The effect is that it has caused the Church to support the current beast system and help it fight against the One World Government that is actually the Kingdom of God.

In times past, this misunderstanding of prophecy was not so critical. In fact, this blindness was necessary in order to keep people from fighting against the divine plan. The plan was to give the dominion to these ungodly beast systems, on account of divine judgment upon the kings of Judah for abusing the dominion mandate. God expected the people to submit to the king of Babylon, God’s servant (Jeremiah 27:14, 15).

But now we have come to the end of that tribulation. Mystery Babylon is now falling. The time has come for the Kingdom of God to arise. How do we know? Because the law gave these beast systems “seven times” (2,520 years) license to exercise dominion. From 607 B.C., their 2,520 years ended in 1914.  However, the third beast in the series was deprived of a century from 163-63 B.C., so that lost century had to be added at the end, bringing us to the year 2014.

The lost century followed the actions of Antiochus Epiphanes during the time of the Grecian “beast.” God allowed Judea and Jerusalem to become independent in 163 B.C. and to establish the Hasmonean Dynasty to rule an independent nation until Rome’s General Pompey arrived in 63 B.C., putting Judea under the dominion of the fourth beast.

For this reason, in order to fulfill the law of tribulation, which prophesied of a full 2,520 year beast franchise, that lost century had to be added to 1914. Hence, the Federal Reserve Act was passed in late 1913 and implemented in 1914. This economic banking beast came to power in order to fulfill the law.

We have now arrived at the year 2014. The law has been fulfilled. The final extension of beast dominion is now expiring. By our own revelation, the decree to transfer the dominion mandate to the saints of the Most High is scheduled for October 16, 2014, the eighth day of the feast of Tabernacles.

While many Christians are looking for a future Antichrist to rule a sinister One World Government, we see that we have already been under Antichrist dominion, not only for the past century, but also since Judah lost the dominion mandate in 607 B.C. We are now entering a three-year transitional period from 2014-2017, because there was also a three-year transition from 607-604 B.C. at the start of this “seven times” judgment cycle.

When we study history—which is really a study of the divine plan in prophecy—we are encouraged by the fact that the time has come for God to overthrow the beast empires that have ruled the earth for so long. God’s people should understand by now, as does most of the world, how oppressive are the systems of men. They should have learned the great lesson that disobeying the laws of God have consequences that lead to slavery.

Those who have learned this lesson have come to understand the divine law and how to implement it impartially to the world by the mind, will, and character of King Jesus.

We also have boldness about the future, because we know that we stand at the cusp of victory. Whereas many Christians see only a bleak future, and hope to escape in a “rapture” while the Antichrist rules the earth during a tribulation, we see the Antichrists and their beast system falling from power. We see the saints being given dominion.

For a fuller study of these things, see my book, Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. This book summarizes these main issues of prophecy, where I cannot take the time to explain it in this short article.

When we look to see HOW God is implementing His plan to establish His Kingdom; when we see WHO God is using and WHERE they come from; when we see WHEN this is happening; then our eyes are opened to know the plan, and we are encouraged to press on by faith and not by fear.

One of the great keys to understanding is found in Isaiah 44 and 45. There we see the prophecy that King Cyrus of Persia—the king that later overthrew Babylon—was God’s “servant,” God’s “shepherd,” and God’s “messiah.” Cyrus would do all that God told him to do. He would give the orders to build the Kingdom and would fund it as well. Cyrus did indeed do this in his time. But he was limited in his messianic calling, since in the big picture, he was king over the second beast empire (the Persian bear). The full Kingdom of God could not be implemented until the beasts had run their course.

However, now that we today have come full circle, we are seeing a greater fulfillment of these prophecies. Jesus is the real Messiah. Cyrus was only a type and shadow. Hence, the prophecies about Cyrus really apply to Jesus Christ in His second manifestation. They are applicable at the time of the end when “Babylon” falls at the end of “seven times.” We are now able to witness this collapse, for it is coming in our generation.

The main difference is that today God has raised up new players to fulfill His will. No longer will God raise up the Medes and Persians from the east to march on a physical city of Babylon. No, the prophecy in Revelation 16:12 speaks more generally and cryptically of “the kings from the east.” These new “kings” follow the same pattern as that of Cyrus and Darius in the days of Daniel, but we no longer live in pattern times. The earlier patterns prophesied of the real, historic fall of Mystery Babylon which we are seeing today.

The modern Antichrist government of Mystery Babylon has three main heads: Rome, London, and Washington. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913-1914 consolidated financial control over the world, which soon translated into political control by 1933-1934. That world financial system then was fully established in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Convention, which established the US dollar as the world reserve currency, backed by gold (at that time).

This system is now falling after 70 years since Bretton Woods. The current Babylonian rulers knew from the beginning that it would fall, because it was an unsustainable debt-money system. They tried to plan ahead in order to retain power into the next age. However, because they abused the system so badly, they have lost the support of the nations, and the new “kings from the east” now intend to overthrow these rulers.

These “kings” are now represented by China and Russia. Understand, however, that the current government of China is not Cyrus, for the Chinese government does not own the assets (gold, etc.) that have been backing the currencies of virtually all the nations in the past century. Those assets are owned by Chinese elders who have remained in the background for the past century. They loaned the gold to the central banks of the West during the past century.

Those loans (bonds) are now past due and must be repaid, but the central banks are insolvent and cannot pay back such enormous amounts of gold. The year 2014 is the year that runs parallel to Daniel 5, when the handwriting appeared on the wall, declaring Babylon to be insolvent. This is now happening to the central banks of the West.

So who are these “kings from the east”? Are they Christians? Some are, but the majority are not. Is this a problem? No. God found no difficulty in treating Cyrus as a messiah, even though God tells Cyrus, “I have given you a title of honor, though you have not known Me” (Isaiah 45:4). In fact, this is God’s example to prove His sovereignty. His sovereignty is in the fact that He is in control of all men, whether they know God or not and regardless of what level of understanding they have of the Creator.

So how should we view these elders? In my view we ought to see them as God sees them. They are not atheists. They worship the Creator of the Universe, though many of them do not know Him by the name of Jesus, as we do. Even so, God is working in their hearts to do His will, and most of them have a strong sense of destiny in doing this work. They are fully aware that God is leading them to overthrow the Babylonian West and to replace it with a beneficial, impartial, world-wide system of financial and political government, which Scripture calls the Kingdom of God.

I, for one, am happy to support such a plan, for I see it prophesied in Scripture.

For this reason, I am not afraid of a One World Government that is arising in the earth today. I see it prophesied as the “stone” that will grind the Babylonian image to powder and then grow until it fills the whole earth (Daniel 2:35). I believe that as time passes, the elders will all come to know Jesus, for He will reveal Himself to them at the proper time.

Meanwhile, we are to be like Joseph and Daniel, who were able to work under rulers who did not see God in the same way that they did. They did their job with integrity and with revelation and wisdom from God. They did not refuse to work with those kings, nor did they insult them by telling them of their incorrect religious views.

It is enough to know from Scripture that in the end we will all come under the dominion of Jesus Christ. Because this is prophesied, and because we believe the Scripture, we are confident that God will establish this in the end. We need not force the plan into being, because we know that God is sovereign. The Creator of all things is perfectly capable of implementing His plan in the earth in His own way and time.

Hence, in the end, whatever plan is established will be proven to be the Creation Plan.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones