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Ukraine's civil war begins

May 02, 2014

In eastern Ukraine, the Russian-speaking population refuses to accept the US-backed fascist coup last February. The new government, led by a banker, was taken over by a party which was formed during World War II as a Nazi group fighting Russia. As in many countries, eastern Ukraine has thousands of ex-military veterans, who have now reorganized into local fighting units and have taken over a number of city governments. They enjoy widespread support from the civilian population. On Friday, the Kiev government launched a military strike against eastern Ukraine but two of their attack helicopters were shot down and a third damaged. The civil war has begun.


Two military helicopters have been shot down by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, shattering hopes of a lasting peace deal in the region.

The first gunship was blasted out of the sky with a surface-to-air missile over Slaviansk as Ukrainian forces stormed the city this morning, in a large-scale 'anti-terror' offensive aimed at flushing out militants who have seized government buildings in the area. The other was forced to land under heavy attack.

The pilot of the first helicopter was killed in the battle and another was taken hostage, it was reported. An unspecified number of crewmen were also injured.

A third helicopter carrying medics was also hit, wounding at least one person on board, the SBU security service said….

It comes as Ukraine launched what appeared to be its first major assault against pro-Russian forces who have seized government buildings in the country's east, with fighting breaking out on Friday in Slaviansk - a city that has become the focus of the insurgency. Three deaths were reported in early fighting. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said the offensive 'effectively destroyed the last hope for the implementation of the Geneva agreements' which were intended to defuse the crisis.

The US plot to overthrow countries in the Mideast, as described by General Wesley Clark, now appears to be coming to a climax. The US succeeded in Iraq, Egypt, and Libya, but stalled in Syria on account of Russia's support for Syrian president Assad. The US also failed in South Ossetia in the Republic of Georgia in its attempt to surround Russia with NATO nations that could point missiles on Russia's border. So now the US has fomented trouble in Ukraine to try to dislodge Russia from its military base in Crimea and to take control of the oil pipelines by which Russia supplies Europe with oil and natural gas.

The White House admits that it cannot win in Ukraine, but it is still trying to embarrass Russia into appearing to be the aggressor when they defend their interests in Ukraine. However, their plans have been leaked to the press through intercepted phone calls. So it is the US that has been embarrassed. The news media (led by the BBC) has continued its flagrant lack of journalistic integrity, which fools many Americans with its propaganda, but the world leaders know the truth from their own intelligence services. As soon as the US can no longer buy support, those nations will turn against the US government, and then the shift of power from West to East will be apparent to all.

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