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Two visions of the New World Order

May 09, 2014

Once upon a time, Babylon was a province of the Assyrian Empire. Then Babylon became strong and overthrew Assyria. The End.

Once upon another time, Russia and China were under the control of the Babylonian bankers in the West. Then they became strong and decided to overthrow their masters. The End.

A study of history shows that Russian Communism was financed by the Western bankers. In fact, when the Russian Revolution occurred in late 1917, the New York Times reported on a celebration being held there, in which Jacob Schiff (banker-owner of Kuhn Loeb Bank) was invited to participate. He was busy, but he sent a short letter which was read at the party. The letter bragged about how their efforts were successful. Jacob Schiff had spent millions of dollars supporting the Revolution.

I used to have a copy of this news article, after finding it in the archives of the University of Minnesota over forty years ago. But that was a long time ago, and I have lost it in the many moves we have made since then. It is quoted in various books, which is why I searched for it and found it many years ago.

Communism in China was also supported by the Western bankers. The way to maintain control, they believed, was to divide the people into two groups and make them constantly fight each other. The “balance of power” meant that if either side got out of line, they could use finance to tip the balance in favor of the other side to punish the independent-minded offender. The same tactic is used in the two-party system of Republicans and Democrats.

Communism in Russia fell after 70 years (1917-1987). It fell after President Gorbachev gave his speech before the Supreme Soviet on the 70th anniversary of the Revolution. To be sure, it took a few years for the implosion to be complete, but yet it represented a 70-year iron-yoke captivity of biblical proportions. In fact, that 70-year captivity was dated precisely 2,520 years after Judah’s captivity to Babylon (604-534 B.C.). It was a prophetic repeat on this well-known “seven times” cycle.

While Russia and other Eastern European countries labored under the “iron curtain,” the West labored under the wooden yoke of the Federal Reserve Bank, signed by WOODROW Wilson. Hence, both “yokes” were happening at the same time.

By the 1990’s, Russian leaders could fully comprehend the devastation that Communism had brought to Russia. The Western bankers (no doubt) orchestrated the collapse of Communism, thinking that they could maintain hegemony over Russia. They set up Boris Yeltsin as their agent. But then things began to spin out of their control, especially when Putin came to power. Putin developed the oil and gas resources and sold them to the European nations, making a lot of money to restore stability and power in Russia.

With power and money come independent thoughts.

China took a little different route, gaining power through “free trade” with the West. They have made enormous amounts of money, which they have spent on their economy, military, space program, etc. This translates into a great increase of power and independent thoughts.

Even though both Russia and China had Communist governments, they did not get along so well in the past century, having territorial disputes along their common border. But in recent years they have become allies against a common enemy, Mystery Babylon, which has enslaved them both.

This brings me to the main point: The term “New World Order” is now taking on an entirely new meaning, if we go by the new vision of Russia and China and (by extension) the BRICS nations. To be sure, there is still much “communistic” (actually, Socialistic) thinking among leaders, especially in China. Communism, as a political ideology, was not overthrown in China as it was in Russia. But yet, Communism was always an idea based largely on an economic model laid out by Karl Marx in 1848.

China abandoned that model when they began to move toward a Free Enterprise system in accordance with the requirements of the World Trade Organization. In other words, modern China is no longer the old Communist China, economically speaking. Economic changes are also driving political change, and so it is inevitable that the Communist Party will either change or lose power in China at some point.

Their new economic model is creating a large Chinese middle class and a wealthy class, and with their new wealth comes new power that will demand political change in the end. Behind this change are the Chinese elders, the descendants of the royal families. The last Qing dynasty was overthrown in 1912 when the Republic of China was established.

The Republic of China, in turn, was overthrown in 1949 by the Communist forces of Mao Zedong, backed secretly by the Western bankers, who, at the same time, pretended to support Chiang Kai Shek, the leader of the Republic of China. Chiang Kai Shek retreated to the island of Taiwan, which was a defensible position.

The Chinese Elders were never part of the government of Communist China, but retreated to work in the background and await their time to regain power. They still had enormous wealth, and much of their gold had been shipped to the West in the form of loans to back the Western currencies—including the Federal Reserve Bank. When those loans came due, the West refused to release the gold on loan to them, and so began a series of legal battles. In 1979 Soong May Ling (i.e., Madame Chiang Kai Shek) won a law suit against the Federal Reserve Bank for $140,000 TRILLION in the World Court, which, of course, the bankers refused to pay.

The point is that there is much more to China than its Communist government. They are in transition toward a reinstatement of an Emperor representing all of the previous dynastic families. Yet they do not want to move too quickly, because they want to avoid the chaos that happened when the Soviet Union collapsed. So this is a gradual change, first in the economy and later in the political arena.

So there are two visions of the future, two ideas for a “New World Order.” The first is the Western Babylonian idea, and the second is the Eastern plan. In my view, the Eastern plan will seem to win at first, but it will not turn out like most of the people think. The political leaders of the current Chinese government seem to think that the New World Order means that China will simply replace the West as the dominant nation that enslaves all those under their hegemony.

The dynastic leaders, however, have a different idea. Their view is rooted in long tradition about the Mandate of Heaven, which is almost identical to the biblical concept of the Dominion Mandate. Judah lost the Dominion Mandate when they rebelled against God and oppressed the people; likewise, they say, each dynasty in China lost the Mandate of Heaven when they oppressed the people in violation of the laws of the Creator.

The way to regain power, they believe, is to regain the favor of the Creator, who alone can bestow the Mandate of Heaven. Far from being atheistic, these elders are very religious (mostly Buddhist, but some also Christian). They believe that to regain the Mandate of Heaven, they must be humanitarians with a benevolent rule.

I believe that they will succeed in their mission, except that God still has a few surprises for them. They will accomplish their mission to overthrow Mystery Babylon, but there will also be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will take the world beyond the current vision of the elders into the Kingdom of God. The elders already believe in the laws of creation, but they lack the revelation of Moses, the prophets, and Jesus in applying those laws. Here is where I believe I can offer some assistance.

Here is a good article from a Taiwan newspaper that offers some insights into the two visions of the New World Order. It was published May 2, 2014


Headline: Obama forced to concede new ‘international order’

The rise of China and Russia is forcing the US president, Barack Obama, to concede the dawn of a new "international order" that is no longer controlled by the United States, reports Duowei News, an outlet run by overseas Chinese….

The article portrays the US government’s vision as one where it rules the world, whereas China’s vision is one of cooperation among all the nations. The point of the article is to show that the US government is losing its bid for world hegemony, largely because it no longer has the financial power to support its foreign wars or even its many military bases on foreign soil. A speech by President Obama quoted to illustrate this:

"Our adversaries would like to see America sap its strength by overextending our power," Obama said. "So we have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation."

Obama is telling the world that the US military is overextended, but he tries to make lemonade out of lemons. In effect, he says, “our enemies want us to overextend ourselves, but we won’t fall for that. We will close some military bases and return to our home soil.” That must have made a lot of people laugh!

The phrase international order has also been used by both Xi and Putin, albeit with a different meaning. For Xi and Putin, it means creating a multipolar world, whereas for Obama it means maintaining the United States' unipolar era, alleged Duowei.

Starting from the end of World War II and particularly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US has not had any real challengers to its power, leading it to make decisions that disrupt international order, such as its ill-based decision to invade Iraq without United Nations approval, without many repercussions, Duowei said.

As such, the US idea of international order is one in which the global rules don't apply to themselves but do apply to the rest of the world, Duowei added.

History has proven, however, that there is no power that can maintain its hegemony forever and there are signs that the US is losing its grip, Duowei said, adding that the impact of the global financial crisis on the US and Europe has paved the way for China and Russia to re-emerge….

Faced with losing its place in the global pecking order, the United States can no longer continue to act as though it is the leader of the world, Duowei said, adding that the only option is for Washington to ditch its double standards and jointly safeguard international order by respecting the political systems and development path of different countries.

This is good summary of the present conflict between East and West. The rise of Russia and China, with their increasing economic clout, means that the US government can no longer enjoy supremacy as the single superpower in the world. They must recognize that other nations are important, too, and give those nations the respect due to them.

In conclusion, it appears that some key events are just now happening behind the scenes which will seal the doom of the Western power brokers of Babylon. Pastor Lindsay Williams reported a few days ago that he received an email from one of those power brokers, saying:

“The Elite are instituting drastic measures which will be implemented immediately. The world as we know it will never be the same again. Expect catastrophic events in the monetary world, nature and the Elite expect divine repercussions.”

It is unclear what that means, but the “Elite” are the leaders of Babylon. What is it that just occurred that would induce them to implement “drastic measures” immediately, knowing that this will cause “catastrophic events in the monetary world”? It is obviously a reaction to some great loss of power in the battle between East and West.

It is also unclear why he used the word “nature,” unless they are planning to use their HAARP technology to cause severe weather problems or a catastrophic earthquake.

We can only guess why “the Elite expect divine repercussions.” From our definition of the terms, we might interpret this as divine judgments in the earth upon Babylon. But if they consider themselves to be gods, this email could refer to their own ability to cause catastrophic events against their own enemies.

Whatever the case, we should be watchful in the days ahead, especially on our own watch dates (May 10, 14/15, 18).

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