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The army of locusts

May 03, 2014

Revelation 9 speaks of the prophetic “locusts” rising from the abyss. In the sequence of John’s prophecy, this is typical Hebrew pictorial language describing invading armies of people. We see this clearly in Joel 2, where God’s army (Joel 2:11) consumes everything in its path. This metaphor pictures divine judgment upon His enemies, whether He raises up unbelieving earthly kings or spiritual warriors to do the work.

In Revelation 9 the army of “locusts” represent the rise of Islamic armies that God raised up to bring judgment upon the corrupted church—that is, the “little horn” of Daniel 7:19-22. In this case the armies were carnal but religious, using carnal weapons to conquer lands and people. God began to raise them up just three years after the Bishop of Rome declared himself to be in authority over all other bishops (606 A.D.).

For a more complete look at Revelation and its prophecy of Islam, see here:



If you do not have time to read both of these, look at the end of the second article to see the cannons that John described in Revelation 9:7-10. These were used to overthrow Constantinople (now Istanbul).

The problem was that the little horn church “did not repent of the works of their hands” (Revelation 9:20, 21), and so the judgment continued into more modern times. Islam is still bringing judgment upon the church to this day. Christians don’t like it, of course, but instead of repenting of their own sins, they blame Islam. That is the wrong approach.

In 1981 the Net of Prayer was raised up as an army of spiritual warriors to call the church to spiritual warfare and intercession to combat what they saw as “the broken cross system.” We now know this as the “little horn” of Daniel 7:20, the religious system of carnal dominance that was to rise up out of the ashes of the iron kingdom of Rome.

The result of their call to prayer was a deafening silence, except for a few hundred men and women who responded. Many more may have responded, but the churches did not inform their people or give them a choice. In the end it was not in the divine plan for the little horn to repent, because the corrupted church system was “Saul,” not “David.” It was never the plan to give the house of Saul an enduring Kingdom.

So ten years later, in 1991, God began to raise up what He called “the New Net of Prayer,” and when the Saul Church “died” in 1993 (after reigning 40 Jubilee cycles), this new group of prayer warriors began to function as the “David” company. This was seen in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign (1993-2006).

We are now situated, I believe, at the end of the little horn’s time of holding the dominion mandate. John said that the beast from the sea was given “forty two months” (42 x 30 = 1260 years), after which it would receive its deadly wound. This occurred at the time of the French Revolution and when Napoleon took the Pope captive in 1798. The deadly wound would be healed, John says also in Revelation 13:3, and then it would be joined by a second beast, this one from the earth (Revelation 13:11). This is described as a financial beast which, after the defeat of Napoleon, made a “Holy Alliance” with the Vatican at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815).

For years I pondered the question: How long will this “Holy Alliance” continue? What is the total time given to the little horn? I believe we now have the answer. It is 1480 years, the “Christ” number. Since the little horn arose with the Emperor Justinian I in 527 A.D. He then fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel 7:25 by changing times and law—that is, the calendar and the whole legal system of the empire. The Wikipedia says of him,

Early in his reign, Justinian appointed the quaestor Tribonian to oversee this task. The first draft of the Codex Iustinianus, a codification of imperial constitutions from the 2nd century onward, was issued on 7 April 529. (The final version appeared in 534.)


In other words, the legal system was completely revised to reflect Church Law. The first draft was issued in 529 and the final version appeared in 534. Counting 1480 years later brings us to 2009-2014.

Justinian’s “Codex” has been the foundation of all Western European law for 1480 years. Its “Feudal System” created lords and serfs. Its Church system created religious lords and religious serfs. We are now due for a change. Our mission is to advocate God’s law in place of Church law. That is summation of the great prophetic paradigm shift from the prophetic point of view. We are moving from one age to another. We live in a turbulent transitional period leading to a Golden Age of the Kingdom.

This massive shift forms the background to our own revelation of the “Elisha” ministry that was declared on April 12, 2009, just five days after the 1480th anniversary of Justinian’s Codex (April 7, 529). It is now clear that we have been awaiting the 1480th anniversary of the final revision of the Codex in 534 A.D. That brings us to 2014.

This, along with other major time cycles that are ending in 2014, tells us that this is a pivotal year in the history of the world and of the Kingdom. The little horn is soon to be stripped of the dominion mandate. The little horn is also the final “beast” in the long series of beast empires that began with Babylon in the days of Jeremiah and Daniel; so this year also marks the end of the 2,520 year judgment, wherein God stripped the kings of Judah of this dominion mandate.

The succession of beast empires have ruled for 2,520 years as of this year, 2014, dating from the start in 607 B.C. (The total time frame is actually 2,620 years, but the Grecian beast lost the dominion mandate for a century from 163-63 B.C. on account of the sin of Antiochus Epiphanes. This lost century had to be added at the end from 1914-2014, and it explains the rise of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Western banking system that has dominated for the past century.)

The next three years should be very interesting as well, because after King Nebuchadnezzar received the dominion mandate in 607 B.C., he did not actually take Jerusalem until 604 B.C. So at the other end of history, we must watch this three-year period from 2014-2017. The year 2017 is the hundredth anniversary of General Allenby’s taking of Jerusalem in December of 1917.

Meanwhile, we must ask ourselves how we fit into the divine plan, that is, the big picture that is presented in Bible prophecy. Are we part of the problem or part of the solution? Are we supporting God or the little horn? Are we in support of the little horn with its Church law, or are we supporting God’s law? Do we work to support the increase of Church authority in the earth, or do we support Christ’s authority that is exercised through “the saints of the Most High”?

For many centuries, God has brought judgment against the Church, using Islamic people to accomplish His purpose. To this day, the Church has not repented, but see Islam only as the “enemy of the Church” or the “enemy of Christ.” In my view, when the Church repents, then God will pour out His Spirit to unite all of us with Truth. The original promise to Hagar in Genesis 16:9-14 came at the well called Beer-lahai-roi, “the well of seeing and living.” It was a promise that her children would receive a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the end. This is already beginning to happen, but soon it will turn into a great flood, and the world will be transformed.

The angel instructed Hagar to name her son Ishmael, “God hears.” Genesis 16:11 interprets this to mean, “because the Lord has given heed to your affliction.” Her affliction was partly justified on account of Hagar’s arrogance (Genesis 16:4), and she was afflicted by Sarah. But the angel told Hagar to return to Sarah and “submit yourself to her authority” (Genesis 16:9). She and her son would be blessed as long as they were in unity with Sarah and Isaac, the inheritor of the birthright.

The long-term prophecy was that God “heard” Hagar’s appeal to the divine court, and He gave her a long-term promise that must be fulfilled in the end. Ishmael’s descendants will come to “the well of seeing and living.” They will see, and they will be granted Life.

This is the perspective that we should have as prospective overcomers. Our years of spiritual warfare and intercession have been designed to bring repentance to the church, but prophecy makes it clear that the little horn church will not repent. They were given the dominion mandate as the fifth beast kingdom until the time came for the saints to possess the Kingdom.

As these “saints” arise, they come in a new form. In the days of Jeremiah and Daniel, the dominion mandate was taken from the kings of Judah. But it will be restored, not to Judah, but to Joseph. Judah held it only temporarily (Genesis 49:10) until prophetic “Shiloh” should arise. This was a reference to the fact that Judah would ultimately have to bow to Joseph (Genesis 37:10). The second coming of Christ is about Joseph, whose robe was dipped in blood (Genesis 37:31; Revelation 19:13).

In this way the dominion mandate will be reunited with the birthright under one Head, Jesus Christ, who came the first time of Judah, but who comes the second time of Joseph.

While it is not necessary to know these things to qualify as an overcomer, this knowledge is certainly very helpful. In past times, God raised up Islam to be God’s army that brings judgment upon the church. Today, God has raised up an army of prayer warriors to bring judgment upon the whole beast system, not by using carnal weapons, but the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

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