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RUSSIA TODAY claims 911 was the US government killing its own people

May 28, 2014

During the days of the US war against Libya a few years ago, the media began using the term “killing his own people.” The fact that everyone in the media began using it at the same time shows some planning.

Now the tables are being turned, as RUSSIA TODAY, one of the most widely viewed news organizations in the world, is reporting that the demolition of the World Trade Center in 2001 was a case of the US government “killing its own people.” Of course, it hired a lot of others to help them carry out the plot, so blame could be shifted to others. But yet, RT is reporting that the Twin Towers were demolished by bombs or by demolition crews.

In fact, the nearby Building 7 was a very large building that was demolished in the classic manner without even being hit by a plane.

This 12-minute report itself is a real bombshell. If nothing else, it is a shot across the bow of the US government to back off or be exposed to the world as a government that kills its own people.


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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones