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Baby Announcement

May 20, 2014


Our youngest daughter, Audra, gave birth to a 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl yesterday, May 19, 2014. Lydia, our seventh grandchild, was born in the morning at 9:27 a.m. in Dallas, TX. Contractions started about 8:30 a.m., and she called her mother to let her know at 8:47. She called the doctor at 9:02 when his office opened.

Then Ronnie drove her to the hospital. It turned out to be a mad dash when her contractions suddenly changed all at once from five minutes apart to one continuous contraction. They found it really is possible to drive 90 mph in the city. The hospital was only 10 minutes away, but...

She then learned that when that pushy feeling comes, there’s no way to stop it. The baby was delivered in the hospital parking lot by two (non-medical) attendants who were the first to come out. One held her shoulders; the other caught the baby shooting out the car door. By the time the nurse came strolling out with a wheel chair, the baby was born.

Audra felt good afterward, as the whole delivery from beginning to end took less than one hour.

Darla has a plane ticket for Dallas tomorrow, May 21, purchased a few weeks ago. She will remain there until I join her at the time of Pentecost. I will travel to Dallas in early June for the Pentecost conference and bring her home afterward.

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