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Watching soon coming events

Apr 25, 2014

In previous weeks and months I have written about the fact that our spiritual battles fought in the year 2001 are now bearing fruit in 2014. It is now clear that the seven princes over America were indeed cast down by March 24, 2001, and that it has now taken effect on the same date in 2014. In the months and years ahead, we will be seeing more evidence of this.

The word of the Father in 2001 was that America was granted a divorce from the golden calves on March 24, 2001. A month later the Father led us to seek an annulment of that marriage, in order to disinherit the children of the flesh which had come of that marriage.

Then in May, 2001 the Father began to speak of a New Covenant Marriage Proposal. I was led to send out those notices on May 18, 2001, with instructions that people had to respond by June 19, 2001. It is interesting that in 2014 the wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover falls on May 18. I am not sure what that means at this point, but I will share more as revelation or events are seen.

The notices back in 2001 were designed for a representative number of people to accept God’s New Covenant Marriage Proposal on behalf of the country (and beyond borders). Shortly after the deadline, on June 21, God put a Diamond Ring in the sky as a sign of that acceptance. See the following link, and scroll down toward the end of the article to see the solar eclipse that looks like a diamond ring:


Another article was written about it here:


I wrote about this in chapter 29 of The Wars of the Lord. It is part of the progression of events from 2001 that is reappearing in different forms in 2014. Since the final battle in 2001 occurred in early November, I expect to see this again come to a climax in November of 2014.

In July 2001 we experienced the most intense spiritual warfare of all time. These battles began at the end of June and reached a climax on July 11, when America was attacked by a very large demonic force. I wrote in my notes: “America Attacked.” The battle ended fully on July 15. At the time, we recalled the old revelation that “July is like September,” so we knew that September 11, 2001 was a watch date for an attack on America.

This also correlated with July 9, a date which has a history going back to a battle in 1984. I wrote about Operation Clean Sweep briefly in chapter 4 of The Wars of the Lord, and also chapter 49. However, I left out a great many details, not only to save time but also because some of those details were too sensitive for publication. We will probably see further fulfillments on July 9, 2014, and then I will have to decide whether or not to tell the whole story.

Another side to this story is when we were led to cast barley meal into the Mississippi River on July 9, 2009 in order to deal with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf Basin of the Gulf of Mexico. Recall that the well was capped 144 hours later on July 15. This correlated with the eighth miracle-sign of Elisha in 2 Kings 4:38-41.

So there are three outstanding watch dates ahead of us: May 18, June 19, and July 9.

I will have more to say about these and other watch dates later, as more clarity is given. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this “marriage proposal” (May 18 to June 19) is the dowry. In the Bible the groom (or his father) gives a dowry to the parent or guardian of the bride.

It is possible that the dowry will come in the form of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Back in 2001 the revelation was given in terms of silver, but in more recent years the dinar has emerged as most likely way in which this dowry is given. In this way it would correlate with other revelations about the ninth sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44), where the bread is multiplied.

We have received many pieces of revelation, which must be linked together to get a proper understanding of this. There is no way to piece these together until we approach the appointed time, but with things becoming clearer now, it suggests that time is near. If you have followed these weblogs for the past few years, you know that we have linked the ninth sign of Elisha to the revaluation of the dinar. The story in 2 Kings 4:42-44 is timed at the wave-sheaf offering (of barley firstfruits), which is the men commonly call “Easter.”

The wave-sheaf offering this year occurred on April 20, which was the first candidate to see this revaluation occur. However, because we are in the time of the second work of Christ, my belief was that the wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover was a better candidate—that is, May 18.

This is on our watch list from the important dates in 2001, as I mentioned earlier.

However, if this is to be a dowry, then June 19 seems like a better candidate, since that is when all the “acceptance” letters were due in 2001. Yet June 19 is not a known barley date. It is only the day of the acceptance of the marriage proposal, which is then sealed by the dowry. Perhaps, then, July 9 is the actual date that the dowry is given to the bride’s guardians, as this is a barley date from 2009.

The earliest possible barley date is May 1st, because this is the first day of the second month on the Hebrew calendar this year. It correlates with April 1, which was the first day of the first Hebrew month, when the priests inspected the barley fields in Jericho to see if the barley was ripe enough to observe Passover that month. Whatever is said about the first day of the first month carries over to the first day of the second month as well, since there are always two Passovers a month apart (Numbers 9:9-11).

Yet May 1st may be too soon for a dowry, given the revelation from 2001. In my way of thinking July 9 is the strongest possibility, with May 18 coming in second, and June 19 as the third possibility. Of course, you understand that this has little or nothing to do with the “intel” that the experts are saying on various websites. I am simply offering an array of watch dates according to the pieces of revelation received over the years.

By the way, Brother Vinnie still has dinar for sale, if any of you are interested in buying some. Give him a call at 1-850-255-1000.

Background: The Iraqi dinar used to be valued at about $3.22 per dollar back in the 1980's. When Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait in 1990, the UN placed sanctions on Iraq, cutting them off from the banking system so that their currency was no longer tradable internationally. This caused the value of their dinar to drop to about 1/2000th of a dollar. Years later, in 2003, when America overthrew Saddam Hussein, Iraq was given new money (without Hussein's portrait on it), and the people were allowed to trade their old dinars for the new currency 1 to 1. In more recent years, the price has doubled to about one-thousandth of a dollar per dinar--that is, a dollar will buy about a thousand dinars.

The work of stabilizing the country's economy began (2004), and they also began to work to pay restitution and pay compensation as the UN dictated. Finally, in late June 2013 the UN allowed Iraq to come out of "chapter 7" of the sanctions, so that they could work toward wiring dinars abroad through the banking system to pay bills and to do international trade.

Yet there were other things that had to be put into place first, so we have been waiting since then. We expect that their currency will be revalued somewhere around its original value ($3.22) when it is finally reinstated as an internationally tradable currency on the FOREX. Right now, people can buy it from people like Brother Vinnie at its current low price. No one can guarantee anything, of course, but it is considered nearly impossible for the dinar to go DOWN in value when it goes international again. If it remains the same, then people will simply deposit in the bank like any other foreign currency, and lose very little in the exchange. On the other hand, if it goes up in value, there could be a lot to gain. In my view, the risk of losing money is very low, and the potential of gaining money is very high.

You decide for yourself. I am not giving you financial advice, only telling you some of the history of this currency war that has gone on since 1990. But if you want to purchase some dinar, I can recommend my friend Vinnie for his honesty in business. He will treat you right, or face the wrath of my wife.

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