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Watch the Iraqi elections

Apr 29, 2014

Iraq is going to the polls now to elect new members of parliament. It is likely that the party of Prime Minister Maliki will not get sufficient support to re-elect Maliki.

How is this important? We have noted for many years that Iraq is a prophetic type of Babylon, since, obviously, the old territory of Babylon is now called Iraq. More than that, Iraq is also a type of Mystery Babylon itself, which is the modern beast system in its banking manifestation.

For this reason, we took note some years ago that President Bush overthrew Iraq’s Saddam Hussein exactly 70 years after the Federal Reserve Bank foreclosed on the US government (1933-2003). Bush did not realize what he was doing from a prophetic standpoint. He did not know that he was establishing the prophetic type of the overthrow of Mystery Babylon—the entire western banking system.

We are now 70 years past the Bretton Woods Convention (July 1944), which made the US dollar the world reserve currency, crowning the dollar as the “king” of currencies. The king’s demise is near in 2014. We are watching July 1-22 this year, as this is 70 years after Bretton Woods.

So what does this have to do with the Iraqi elections?

Maliki’s name is derived from Malik, or (Heb.) Melek, “king.” Maliki represents the King of Babylon. I believe he specifically represents Belshazzar, the king in Daniel 5 who was overthrown by Darius the Mede (Daniel 5:31).

Darius’ army walked into Babylon after Cyrus’ army diverted the River Euphrates further upstream. They took the city intact, and the biblical record says only that the king was killed. For decades, I wondered how this would prophesy of the actual event in our day. With so many prophesy teachers foretelling great calamitous events when Babylon should fall, I wondered why the original pattern was not a scene of great destruction.

I believe we are now seeing the setup for the fulfillment of Babylon’s fall. We will probably see it first play out in Iraq itself and then later in the western banking system.

Just as Cyrus blocked the Euphrates River just before the overthrow of Babylon, so also have “militants” blocked the same river in roughly the same location just upstream from old Babylon. This was reported April 15, just two weeks before the Iraqi elections.


If Maliki is replaced as “King of Babylon,” it will be strong sign that the western banking system is also about to be replaced by the new banking system that the current US Congress so far has refused to ratify. Congress does not want the US to lose its absolute control of the World Bank. They are only postponing the inevitable, and their resistance is only eroding good will among the nations.

If Maliki is re-elected Prime Minister, then these prophetic events will be put off for a while longer. Or perhaps the prophecies will be fulfilled in a more violent manner, such as legal prosecution or even by assassination. Yet the recent blockage of the Euphrates appears to be a sign of the imminence of these events. Only time will tell for sure.

As I have also written in years past, I believe that the Euphrates is a prophetic type of the monetary system itself. The Euphrates was obviously the life blood of Babylon, and now we see that money is the life blood of Mystery Babylon. Euphrates means “fruitful,” and it is the equivalent of the Hebrew, Ephrata (sing.) or Ephraim (pl.). Therefore, the Euphrates is both the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar.

I have believed for years that King Cyrus’ diversion of the Euphrates in ancient times will be seen today in the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar. The dinar will go up in value, while the US dollar will drop in value.

Since Maliki took power four years ago, it has seemed certain that this revaluation of the dinar will occur just before or during the time that Maliki loses power or is killed. This should be the regional fulfillment that precedes the demise of King Dollar, which is the greater fulfillment of the prophetic type.

This is why I am watching the Iraqi elections closely. They are going to the polls now in Iraq, but the votes will not be fully counted until next week. Nonetheless, one might conclude that if Maliki is overthrown by these elections, then we ought to see the Iraqi dinar revalue shortly before Maliki is replaced.

Keep in mind that May 1 is the first day of the second Hebrew month. In looking at the second month as the month of the Second Passover (Numbers 9:9-11), we might also say that May 1 is the date of barley inspection, as it is the equivalent of the first day of the FIRST month, when the priests checked to see if the barley was ripe.

We know, of course, that the priests did not actually inspect the barley in the second month, because it was already ripe a month earlier. Barley had to be ripe in order to keep the Passover and have a wave-sheaf offering. But nonetheless, there is a direct parallel, so it is possible to think of May 1 as a barley date and thereby connect it to the ninth sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44). That sign was about multiplying the bread (barley) and also finds its NT equivalent in John 6:9, where Jesus multiplied the barley loaves to feed the five thousand.

The bottom line is that May 1 is our next watch date, and in checking my records from 2001 (the year that parallels 2014), we may also add May 2 and 4 as extensions to this. If nothing happens, then we will turn our attention to May 14-18, as these are the dates of the Second Passover to the wave-sheaf offering.

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