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The fake Russian attack on Ukraine

Apr 30, 2014

Here is a news article with the headline:

US, NY Times caught faking Russian forces in Ukraine


The State Department and the NY Times got caught red-handed with faked evidence of Russian aggression in East Ukraine….

General Breedlove added his failed spin attempt to this sad record of deception on the American people by releasing outdated satellite-photo “proof” of the Russian offensive build-up on Ukraine's borders, taken a year ago. It was shot down in flames by the Russians, without an S400 being needed….

YouTube videos and photos on the East Ukraine protests were all over the Internet and we knew that payroll duty Intel workers would be sifting through them carefully with orders to “find us some Russians.” They didn't. So now time to fake some. They found a photo of freelance photographer Maxim Dondyuk... a bunch of gnarly-looking militia guys all decked out in combat fatigues and ready-to-do-business gear, including their weapons. Other photos were found in the Ukraine shots with some of the same faces. The question then was what to do with them.

“We see in the photos that have been again in international media, on Twitter, publicly available, is that there are individuals who visibly appear to be tied to Russia. We’ve said that publicly a countless number of times,” Jen Psaki, State Dept spokeswoman said.

And the answer was someone decided to add a caption to Dondyuk's photo that said, “Group photo taken in Russia.” The other photos they had from the protests with some of the same faces, they just circled and presented them with the “Russian” photo as the evidence.

We think some State Department Intel dummies did that. Yes, State does have its own intelligence division, one that is not highly respected for being over-paid and under worked. Their mistake was that the caption was too pat. No really good psyops guy would have done that….

The hoax was up when Mr. Dondyuk saw his mis-attributed photo and put a call into the NY Times pronto. “It was taken in Slavyansk [Ukraine],” he told NYT over the phone. “Nobody asked my permission to use it.” So now it was damage control time, and big outfits like this are not without some experience in that department.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones