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The Eurasian Union and its new currency

Apr 18, 2014

Here is a very informative article that tells of the new Eurasian Union that is coming as a result of the US government’s “sanctions” policy. This is somewhat like the European Union, except that it includes Russia and Asian nations. Just as the European Union has its own currency, the euro, so also is the Eurasian Union developing its own currency, the altyn (which means “gold”). Actually, it is the revival of a very old currency that was used in the Middle Ages by merchants and traders.


On multiple prior occasions I have predicted that any sanctions against Russia by the West will only backfire, expediting Russia’s re-orientation to the East and the unavoidable re-molding of the Western financial/economic model.

Russia’s re-orientation and subsequent creation of the independent financial system is what the banksters of Wall Street and London City fear most. This will eventually result in a catastrophe for the US/UK and EU, except for those European countries that succeed in re-orienting their economies to the East. Meanwhile, Russia, China and other countries in the Eurasian space, will benefit tremendously….

The US and EU can be proud: as a result of their aggressively provocative behavior and the double standards galore, they managed to expedite the process by at least ten years.

The Presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have officially announced that the transition of the semi-formal Customs Union into the formal economic Eurasian Union will be expedited and completed by 2015. The Eurasian Union will adopt a new currency: Altyn (Rus: Алтын). Vladimir Putin announced that Altyn as the new Eurasian currency was originally planned for 2025, but now, due to the US/EU sanctions against Russia, the transition to Altyn may occur within 3-5 years.


According to the law of unintended consequences, the Russian planners probably do not realize how this will all end. One needs to look at Bible prophecy to get that information, which can be understood if readers know how to identify the characters, such as Mystery Babylon. What we are seeing in the news is the overthrow of Mystery Babylon and its economic system. Step 2 will be the rebuilding of the Kingdom of God, although it is unlikely that the leaders of Russia or China have more than a dim revelation of this.

In most ways, the building of the nations, their currencies, and their economies, will be distinct from the Kingdom of God. These two things will develop alongside of each other, much like the Kingdom of Cyrus (Persia) existed alongside of the rebuilding of the old Jerusalem in the days of Ezra. Yet the link between them is seen in the fact that Persia funded the work rebuilding in a practical sense. So also can we expect to see the same in our time, as the prophetic type emerges into the world in its full-blown expression.

Once again, these events are not things to fear, but rather we are to prepare our hearts for the work that lies ahead. Accompanied by the last great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it will be the greatest time of world evangelism ever seen.

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