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Report from Moscow

Apr 10, 2014

Here is a letter from last October, written from Moscow by a Christian minister, telling of the huge changes going on in Russia and the revival of Christianity. (The letter was not written personally to me, but was posted on his website.) He says that 30,000 churches were built in Russia in the previous year, and they are overflowing with worshipers.



I am writing to you from Moscow (Russia, not Idaho) where I am on a one-week mission to bolster the Russian pro-family movement....

Russia is today experiencing a Christian revival and is decidedly NOT communist.  Some 30,000 churches have been built in the last year, and the ones in Moscow are reportedly overflowing with worshippers on Sundays.  Most of the church is Orthodox, which is steeped in tradition, but at the same time relevant to the modern society....

Yesterday, the 17th, I did a walking tour of Red Square and visited St. Basil’s Cathedral, the famous one in all the American movies about Russia.  In the afternoon I met and did a television show with Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov, head of the Patriarch‘s Commission on the Family.  The Patriarch is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, equivalent to the Pope of the Catholic Church.  Father Dimitri is his right-hand-man for family issues, and a warm and humble man.  We bonded instantly and had a wonderful time of fellowship....

How incredibly ironic it is that Russia is now our best hope for stopping the conquest of the world by the “progressives.”  On Father Dimitri’s television show I made the point that the Americans and the Soviets both won and both lost the Cold War.  The Americans broke the Soviet system through economic strategies and tactics.  But before they collapsed, the Soviets poisoned the United States with Cultural Marxism, promoting moral degeneracy and family breakdown through so-called “progressive“ ideology.  Today, post-Soviet Russia is re-emerging as a Christian nation, while the United States is becoming a “Gay Soviet Union.”  What a strange turn of events.

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