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Apr 14, 2014

The year 2014, along with 2010, is one of the most important years in prophecy. In the broader perspective, the time frame from 2006-2017 is full of endpoints of some long-term judgment time cycles that began in biblical times.

It really started in March 2006 with the 2,520th anniversary of the second temple that was built in the time of Ezra and Haggai. Later in October of that year the 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign ended, ensuring the final collapse of Mystery Babylon. The actual collapse began—as I told the people at the conference in Reading, PA—“within a year.” The economic crisis began the following summer in July 2007.

Then in 2009, after some delay, the “Elisha” work was decreed (April 12, 2009) to prepare the way for the Kingdom of Heaven that is coming. This is the positive work that must be done to rebuild, after the negative work of casting down Mystery Babylon was completed. The Kingdom of Heaven is replacing Mystery Babylon, as Daniel prophesied.

The year 2010 itself was of major importance. We had been looking for some incident where Jesus Christ would be crowned King in 2010, because it was 390 years since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. The number 390 means “no king in Israel.” At the end of the cycle, we were to watch for a king being crowned. On August 28, 2010 the Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial brought 500,000 people to Washington to crown Jesus King.

This 390-year cycle was the seventh from the year 721 B.C., the year that the ancient House of Israel lost its king and its capital city, Samaria, to the Assyrian invaders.

This Glenn Beck rally in 2010 was the counterpart to the earlier crowning of Jesus in 1997, done by the Promise Keepers, 390 years after the founding of the Jamestown, VA colony in 1607. Hence, we see a double witness of prophetic events yet to come.

For a full study on the biblical meaning of 390, see Secrets of Time, chapter 13.

The year 2010 was also 6 x 490 years since Israel and Judah split into two nations after the death of Solomon in 931 B.C. The number 490 is ten Jubilees and is also the prophetic number given in Daniel 9:24 leading to the first coming of Christ. So it is no surprise that the same number would appear in connection to the second coming as well.

Each year after 2010 has had its own unique features, but the next most important year is 2014, for it concludes the 2,520-year time that God gave the beast nations to have dominion in the earth. As I have written earlier, Babylon was the first of the “beasts,” pictured in Daniel 7:4 as a winged lion. The Babylonians conquered Nineveh (the capital of Assyria) in 612 B.C. and consolidated their position as an Empire in 607 B.C. Then they conquered their way down to Jerusalem, taking the city in 604 B.C.

These dates begin the 2,520 year of “seven times” judgment upon Judah/Jerusalem. It would have ended in 1909, 1914, and 1917, except that during the time of the third “beast,” Jerusalem was independent for a full century from 163-63 B.C. So the beast systems did not complete their allotted time to rule until 2009, 2014, and 2017.

Specifically, God gave the dominion mandate to Babylon in 607 B.C., with which King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem three years later. Hence, the dominion mandate of the final beast empire actually ends in 2014. The century from 1914-2014 defines this final beast as Mystery Babylon, and it has been fulfilled by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Even so, we are also entering a final three-year period of time until 2017, marking the end of the 2,520-year cycle since Babylon’s capture of Jerusalem in 604 B.C. So we expect to see turmoil for the next few years. It is possible we may see the establishment of the Kingdom in 2016-17, which would reverse the overthrow of the throne in Jerusalem that occurred in 604 B.C.

Of course, keep in mind also that we are no longer dealing with the old Jerusalem, but rather the New Jerusalem. The old Jerusalem is “Hagar,” Paul says in Galatians 4:25, which must be “cast out” (Galatians 4:30) in favor of the New Jerusalem. It seems likely, then, that in order to establish the Kingdom of the New Jerusalem, “the controversy of Zion” must be resolved (Isaiah 34:8, KJV). To me, that means the prophecy of Jeremiah 19:11 and Isaiah 29:1-6 will be fulfilled, wherein the old Jerusalem is destroyed in such complete manner that it will never again be rebuilt.

The only hope that the people of Jerusalem have is if they repent and bring forth the “fruit” (of the Spirit) that God has required. But Jesus’ curse on the “fig tree” in Matthew 21:19 clearly prophesies that the city will NOT fulfill this requirement. Hence, the only real solution is to leave the city, both physically and spiritually.

These are momentous times. Only if we have a clear understanding of Scripture and prophecy will many be able to escape the judgment that is coming and to become part of the solution in building the Kingdom.

The Kings from the East

The old Babylon fell at the hands of King Darius the Mede (Daniel 5:31), who in turn was subservient to King Cyrus the Persian. These allies came from the east and conquered the city of Babylon by diverting the River Euphrates. These were prophetic patterns for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon in our time.

Revelation 16:12 prophesies of the overthrow of Mystery Babylon today, saying that the angel of God will dry up the River Euphrates to prepare the way for “the kings from the east.” In other words, God is on the side of these kings, whom God has anointed and empowered to do His work.

These kings today are Russia and China, whom God has raised up to overthrow the Babylonian banking system and to set the earth free. God has also raised them up to fund the rebuilding of His Kingdom, even as Cyrus himself funded the building of the temple in his day (Ezra 1:3-11). His successor, Artaxerxes, did the same with the rebuilding of the city (Ezra 7:12-26).

When I speak of China, I do not refer to the present government of that country. I refer instead to the old dynastic elders of China, led by one known as “grandfather.” These elders are the ones who control the real wealth of the world, and they are the ones who believe that it is their divine mission to set the earth free of the current oppressive and oppressive system of Western banking, which we know as Mystery Babylon.

They have in their possession ancient prophecies which point to the year 2014 as the time they are to replace the current banking system with a new system of asset-backed money. They have accumulated these assets (gold, silver, etc.) for thousands of years, knowing that there would be such a time in the future when these would be used to establish the Kingdom of Heaven.

Of course, throughout Chinese history, the dynastic families always ended up abusing their “mandate from heaven,” by oppressing the Chinese people. They believe that each dynasty came to an end because God removed His “mandate” on account of their abuse of it. The last dynasty came to an end when the Republic of China was established in 1912. They believe that the mandate of heaven was lost through their own misuse of it, and so they have become scrupulous in doing the will of heaven in order to regain this mandate.

This is THEIR belief, and they take it very seriously. Hence, their belief system coincides with the raising up of the kings from the east and the prophecies of Cyrus—assisted by Darius (Russia).

In 2010 they gained world support for the IMF Reforms, which the US Congress refuses to ratify. They are the only ones in the world who still refuse to ratify these reforms, knowing that this would mean the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. The other day the IMF met in New York and essentially gave them to the end of 2014 to ratify it, but at the same time they are now working on a plan to go bypass the USA. They are setting up an alternative to the IMF itself and will simply defund and disband the IMF in favor a new organization. This organization will probably be set up in Singapore. If need be, they will also move the UN headquarters to Asia.

Current Events

The battle is primarily between the owners of the big Western banks (and their paper money) and the kings of the east who own actual tangible assets. The changeover is known in news articles as the Global Reset, which will reset the value of all currencies from every nation to reflect their actual value. Their value will be based on their actual wealth, resources, population, education, economy, etc.

Gone will be the days when nations artificially devalue their own currencies in order to gain a trade advantage. The US dollar, too, is now much overvalued and will be devalued in the coming Reset. It is overvalued, partly because other countries have devalued their own currencies, but mostly because nations are refusing to accept dollars in world trade.

This reset will probably occur in two stages. The first will be a small reset, and this will be followed by a greater reset. I do not know what this means, but I suspect that a few currencies will revalue ahead of the rest. It appears that the first reset will occur shortly, and that the time has already been agreed upon. The elders of China believe in the signs in the heavens, so this time is certainly “written in the stars.”

I am not familiar enough with astrology to figure out their thought process, but I do know a little about biblical prophecy in the constellations. The Bible has much to say about the stars, and the book of Revelation is packed full of hidden references to the constellations. So I will be studying this in the months ahead and will be watching for clues in the news.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones