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Hebrew is a verb-based language

Apr 28, 2014

Hebrew, as a language, is a verb-based language.  When I was first confronted with this understanding, every concept in the Scriptures began to communicate a whole new dimension for me.  A verb, in any language, is an idea in action.  Again, if we all had common ancestors, then we at one time had a common language.  However, most languages in use today are not verb-based.  In Hebrew, all words are formed from root words that are comprised of three letters.  And these three-letter root words are always verbs.  It is emphatically important to know that all words in the original Hebrew Scriptures are formed from three-letter root verbs.

Verbs illustrate activity.  When the impact of this understanding affected me, all of the Old Testament took on a new and different dimension.  I now could understand that all of the ideas and concepts in the Scriptures were trying to communicate to us activity.  I now realized that if I could understand and discern the Spiritual Life and idea each verb was emphasizing, I could unlock, at least for myself, the simplicity of the Word of God.  Since every word is formed from a three-letter verb, if I could discern the Spiritual value of that root verb, I could discern the simple Spiritual Truth and value of all words in the Hebrew Scriptures.

God was now beginning to show to me Truths and ideas that before this time I could not possibly have grasped.  I could now understand why the Bible was so difficult and confusing for most people.  Translators were trying to translate Hebrew words into English without understanding what the Hebrew word was communicating.  And consequently, translators then, and still today, continue to interpret the messages and meanings of Scripture without Spiritually understanding the words, and concepts, our Forefathers were writing down for us.

Religion was trying to interpret God, Who is Spirit.  Religion is not Spirit.  Religion is a learned ritual of performance by which an individual may gauge the value of his life, or presence, and in so doing attempt to qualify for relationship with God.  Yashua (Jesus) told us “God is Spirit.  And those who worship God must do so in Spirit, and Truth”. [John 4:24]  Religion cannot see God, much less interpret God.  God is Spirit.  Only God can hear the voice of God.


The Spirit of God versus the Religion of Man

by Alan Newton

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