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Farmer says GM feed causes pig deformations

Apr 29, 2014

Genetically modified foods are man’s attempt to displace nature in order to displace God as the owner of Creation. That way they can patent what God has freely given us out of His love for mankind. The problem is that men are no match for God. God knows exactly what is most nutritious for animals and men. Yet men bribe the government officials and fake their “scientific studies” in order to make their product seem safe.


It isn’t a glamorous topic, but if you really want to know what feeding livestock genetically modified crops in the form of animal feed does to their gastrointestinal health, just ask the Danish farmer, turned anti-GMO activist, Ib Borup Pedersen. He has watched baby pigs, called sows, turn their noses up at food, and older piglets contract extreme cases of diarrhea just after eating genetically modified feed.

Farmer Pederson says, “It shocks me that the industry does not take the evidence of Roundup’s and glyphosate’s harmful effects more seriously than it does.” The farmer feeds his pigs only non-GM feed, and thinks all genetically modified food should be banned….

Simply by changing his pig’s feed to non-GMO, he has seen litter sizes grow 1.8%, higher milk yields, and lower incidence of ulcers and deformed piglets. Recently, he ran out of non-GM feed, and had to purchase GM feed in a pinch to feed his animals. He immediately received reports from his herdsmen that his animals were all sick. Pederson blames the chemical industry for lying to him and other farmers about the effects of using GM feed.

Of course, since this is merely a real-life observation instead of a hundred million dollar double blind scientific study, Monsanto can still claim that there is "no scientific proof" that their GM products are unsafe.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones