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A study of Time in heaven and earth

Apr 05, 2014

Time is something that God created. We read this in Hebrews 1:2, which is actually mistranslated in both the KJV and the NASB. The verse speaks of Jesus Christ…

“… by whom also He made the worlds” (KJV)

through whom also He made the world” (NASB)

It is more accurately rendered by more literal translations this way:

through whom also He did make the ages” (Young’s Literal)

on account of whom also the ages He made” (The Emphatic Diaglott)

The Greek word rendered “world,” “worlds,” or “ages” is aionas, which is the plural of aion, “an eon, or an age.” It is a Time word, because an age is an indefinite or unspecified period of Time.

So Hebrews 1:2 tells us that Jesus Christ was the creator of Time, as well as all created matter, as John 1:3 tells us. Therefore, when He created the heavens and the earth, Time and Matter became features of the earthly realm but not of the heavenly realm.

So I have often mentioned in the past that when we move in the spirit (spiritual realm), we are not bound by time or space (distance). Only in the earthly realm is there time and distance, which means that it takes time to go from one place to another. There are no such limitations in the heavens.

When a person on earth has a vision or a heavenly visitation, he may perceive time and distance, going from one place to another, but such perception is only a figment of imagination. When a person returns to earth and remembers what he has seen or heard, his soulish mind must translate the experience into earth language and perception in order to comprehend it at all. Hence, what he remembers carries some earth-like features of time and space in order to make it intelligible to the soulish mind.

Men’s theological views about “living in heaven for eternity” and “heavenly mansions” are men’s ways of comprehending spiritual things that are beyond the mind’s ability to know. Hence, instead of the soulish mind comprehending spiritual things, it turns out that the mind simply carnalizes spiritual things in the attempt to understand it within its own limited parameters of understanding.

Our inner “soulish man” (1 Corinthians 2:14) cannot comprehend that which is of spirit. Only our inner “spiritual man” can appraise and know the things of the spirit. Likewise, our souls are earthly and are bound by time. Souls cannot comprehend a timeless realm except abstractly. Hence, they apply time words to heavenly things.

For example, Jesus Christ “pre-existed” in heaven before His incarnation on earth. Did He really pre-exist? Well, it is the only way we can express it intelligently. But He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. The fact is, He simply exists in heaven, and since heaven is not bound by time, His “time” on earth did not mean that He ceased to be in heaven when He was incarnated in Bethlehem. He was simply in two places at the same “time.”

Likewise, we often speak of a future time living when time is no more. But if there is ever a time in the future when we are able to leave the bounds of time and space, then we will enter a timeless existence and will be able to go back in history and insert ourselves into a historical, earthly story. In other words, we will pre-exist! But such things are nearly incomprehensible to our poor, limited, soulish minds which cannot bear the seeming contradiction.

The problem of time has plagued physicists in the past century. This is seen in an article that was first published last October.


“When the new ideas of quantum mechanics spread through science like wildfire in the first half of the 20th century, one of the first things physicists did was to apply them to gravity and general relativity. The results were not pretty.

“It became clear that these two foundations of modern physics were entirely incompatible. When physicists attempted to meld the approaches, the resulting equations were bedeviled with infinities making it impossible to make sense of the results….

“This conundrum, which physicists call ‘the problem of time,’ has proved to be a thorn in the flesh of modern physicists, who have tried to ignore it but with little success.

“Then in 1983, the theorists Don Page and William Wootters came up with a novel solution based on the quantum phenomenon of entanglement. This is the exotic property in which two quantum particles share the same existence, even though they are physically separated.

“Entanglement is a deep and powerful link and Page and Wootters showed how it can be used to measure time. Their idea was that the way a pair of entangled particles evolve is a kind of clock that can be used to measure change.

“But the results depend on how the observation is made. One way to do this is to compare the change in the entangled particles with an external clock that is entirely independent of the universe. This is equivalent to god-like observer outside the universe measuring the evolution of the particles using an external clock….”

“Of course, without experimental verification, Page and Wootter’s ideas are little more than a philosophical curiosity. And since it is never possible to have an observer outside the universe, there seemed little chance of ever testing the idea.

“Until now. Today, Ekaterina Moreva at the Isituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM) in Turin, Italy, and a few pals have performed the first experimental test of Page and Wooter’s ideas. And they confirm that time is indeed an emergent phenomenon for ‘internal’ observers but absent for external ones.

The article goes on to explain how they conducted the experiment by creating “a toy universe consisting of a pair of entangled photons….” The article continues,

“The experimental details are straightforward. The entangled photons each have a polarization which can be changed by passing it through a birefringent plate. In the first set up, the observer measures the polarization of one photon, thereby becoming entangled with it. He or she then compares this with the polarization of the second photon. The difference is a measure of time.”

So it seems that they proved that God is not bound by time. A byproduct of this experiment is that they also proved that there is a heavenly realm outside of time. By extension, they might conclude that there is indeed a Creator out there, who lives and governs all things from that outside realm and who stands above the universe that He created.

Perhaps if science recognized all of us have a spirit that is not bound by the physical universe—our personal connection to divinity—they might have been able to do their time measures more easily. Our human spirit is the heavenly part of us that can become an external observer that these physicists did not think existed. Their soulish minds assumed that God either did not exist or that He was unknowable. Hence, even though their soulish minds were highly developed and educated to dizzying heights, their spiritual minds were almost entirely ignored and remained immature.

Perhaps a better way to look at it is to say that they did not develop the communication links between soul and spirit. One of the most important themes of Scripture is the principle of marriage, and when this is applied internally to the marriage of soul and spirit, it becomes evident that good communication is the basis of a healthy relationship.

All physicists recognize body and soul, and many even know that there must be something beyond, but if they do not search the Scriptures, their understanding of spirit will be skewed in some way. If by chance they do break through into the spiritual realm, they run the danger of interacting with dark spiritual forces, rather than God.

The only really SAFE way to explore the spiritual realm is to do so through Jesus Christ and to follow the laws of the spirit (“the law is spiritual,” Romans 7:14) as written in Scripture.

Most Christians have some understanding of this, but sadly too few have any real in-depth understanding or experience. In fact, while books may be helpful, it must be learned by experience or on-the-job training. When God decided to give me some training thirty years ago, it came mainly by experience, mostly through intercession and spiritual warfare. When I questioned Him about whether we were really allowed to do this or that, He always pointed out the Scriptures that set forth the relevant spiritual laws.

In this way I learned how the laws of God, set forth by Moses, were actually spiritual laws governing not only earthly matters but also heavenly things. For example, the laws of warfare in Deuteronomy 20 were the laws of spiritual warfare as well. Over time, it began to dawn on me that most Christians have rejected the law of God because it has been taught legalistically as having only an earthly application. Most denominations that claim to uphold and teach the law do not really know the force of Paul’s statement that “the law is spiritual.” Hence, men have been torn, thinking that to follow the law leads people away from being spiritual, so they reject the law in favor of spirituality.

The problem is not the law, but the manner in which it has been understood and taught. There is a difference between legalism and lawfulness. Legalism is a carnal, soulish view and application of the law that limits its application to physical laws, earthly behavior, and men’s government. Lawfulness takes the broader view, encompassing both heaven and earth, seeing the relationship and interaction between them.

Lawfulness links heaven and earth, raising earthly beings to heavenly heights and also bringing heavenly things to earth. Hence, through our spirit (united with the Holy Spirit), we may interact with God personally through prayer, vision, revelation, and even transportation and bilocation. Conversely, heaven may descend to the earth, as pictured by the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:2.

Where does one start? How does one learn these things? In my experience, it started by learning to hear His voice. The next step was to learn to hear without being influenced by the idols of the heart (strong opinions arising out of spiritual strongholds and carnal mindsets). During my time of learning these things, God gave me tutors who could take the lead in spiritual warfare, allowing me to learn by doing and by observation.

My primary training took twelve years (1981-1993). After that, God instructed me to train others through teaching and through prayer campaigns and spiritual warfare. A large part of my teaching is in the area of biblical law, which I have tried to present in a balanced fashion, showing its application to both realms—heaven and earth.

Those who are interested in walking this path with me ought to read and study my book, The Wars of the Lord, which is the account of what I have seen and learned since 1981. It is a short history of what I have personally witnessed in spiritual warfare and how we got to the place in the history of the Kingdom where we are today. You may read this 252-page book online for free on my web site, or you may order a printed copy for $20.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones