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Update on the kings of the east

Mar 17, 2014

Recent events have brought up some important questions that need to be addressed. It is being reported that on March 11, 2014, Mr. Soegiharto, son of the late President Soekarno of Indonesia signed a sheet of US Treasury notes (not Federal Reserve Notes). He is also referred to as Sino A.S., which is probably Edy (or Ady) Seno Soekanto.


As far as I know, the announcement was made first at this site:


The site refers to him as Mr. Sino A.S. This is the name that I am familiar with, because he is often mentioned on videos by his friend Neil Keenan, although I never heard Keenan make claims for him that Mel Ve makes in the site above. It starts out, saying:

“In June 2013, I became a delegate of the Swiss Indo World Orbit Trust, which is an organization of K681 Mr. Sino A. S., the King of Kings. This may seem somewhat strange to those who follow our work, as most will know how anti Monarchy we at Freedom Central are.

“However, Mr. Sino A. S. is no ordinary king. He is the 681st King of a long line of servant kings, a true humanitarian, and a new world visionary. He does not follow the same patterns of the cabal-controlled kings and queens, being that of control by dividing and conquering. In fact, Mr. Sino A. S. has bequeathed his riches to humanity, in order to help our suffering broken planet.

“In documents known as Swissindo Exhibits A B, a listing of payments from 1 to 11 are detailed in the form of “Human Obligation Payments”, which go to every person and country of the world. These funds will be used to eradicate hunger and poverty, and to completely overhaul our suffering and broken world.

“This is a huge and complicated task, and thus, Mr. Sino A. S. appointed a global delegation to assist. Among the delegates are some of the brightest minds and most prolific activists of our time, who have been chosen (as Mr. Sino puts it) “by God”, to fulfill this sacred mission.”

The organization known as SWISSINDO has also put out a public message to President Obama from Mr. Sino:


For a fuller background as to how this man came be called “king of kings,” here is a U-Tube explanation.


He quotes from a document which I read couple of years ago, and which I have in my computer file, telling of the “breeding program” of the world’s royals that began in 1750. I do not know if this is actually true or not, but it says that the world’s royal families began to give their sons and daughters in marriage to each other in order to produce heirs who would continue to marry others in the same program. The report says that in the year 1900 the final son was born—the single heir of the world’s royal families who could trace his genealogy to all the kings of the earth.

I cannot vouch for this, but it does have a ring of truth. This sounds like something that they would do. However, whether President Soekarno of Indonesia was actually that man is another question. He was born in 1901 and died in 1970 after being forced from power with the help of the CIA in 1967.

After World War II, Soekarno was made the head of the World Collateral Accounts, which is the gold that the nations of the world pooled together to rebuild the nations, to develop the third-world nations, and to eliminate poverty. The Marshall Plan was part of this, but after rebuilding Europe, the program ceased in the mid-1950’s, and the funds were misused to develop new weaponry for the Cold War. This enriched the multi-national corporations at the expense of the nations and people themselves. It also began to replace states with corporations as centers of world power.

President Soekarno and US President Kennedy then drew up the Green Hilton Agreement in 1962 in order to rectify the situation. Kennedy was killed nine days later, and Soekarno was driven from power. The new Treasury Notes that Kennedy ordered to be printed (to replace Federal Reserve Notes) were quickly taken out of circulation, except for a few that survived. (I have personally seen a few of them, signed by John Connolly, Secretary of the Treasury.)

Soekarno died in 1970, and though he had been replaced as president by Suharto, the heir of the World Collateral Accounts was Soekarno’s son, Edy Seno Soekanto. Yet keep in mind that these accounts did not belong to any of these men personally, nor did they even know the full account numbers by which they might access the bank accounts. That knowledge was held by others higher up and less visible to the public.

For this reason, I do not believe that Sino A.S., son of President Soekarno, is actually the real “king.” It may be that Soekarno was indeed the heir of the world’s royals after their lengthy breeding program to produce a single heir to all of the thrones, but I have no confirmation of that. The point is that the world’s gold would have to be given to him before he actually controlled it. Neither does he have the account numbers necessary to complete Global Currency Reset.

That has not yet taken place, regardless of what men might believe or say. Also, another article came to my attention which opposes the SWISSINDO group.


There is no doubt that the idea of a “king of kings” will generate a lot of excitement among the Antichrist watchers. But they will also have to rewrite their entire description of the Antichrist paradigm and his origins. If they stop to think about it, this is really quite different from what they have thought.

I myself do not see any potential king as an Antichrist, at least not in the same sense that most prophecy teachers set forth. I do, however, think that the one being presented here is not the real one which I refer to as “the kings of the east.” In my view, he is a lower-ranking “king” who will not succeed in pushing the button for the Global Currency Reset.

It would be nice, however, if he would succeed in doing something a little less grand, such as revaluing the Iraqi dinar. But if the dinar is tied tightly to the Global Currency Reset, then it is doubtful if this will happen, even though tomorrow is March 18 (or 318).

If the revelation of “Abriel” is true, and if it means that the dinar will be revalued on March 18, then we might see this happen tomorrow as a result of the event of March 11 with Mr. Sino A.S. But my own revelation is that we are looking for a “barley” date for the fulfillment of the ninth sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44). It has been my view that the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is that sign, which would indicate that it should come on a date associated with barley. I do not know how March 18 could be a barley date, except for a thin connection with Abraham’s 318 men who represent the remnant of overcomers.

There are stronger barley dates, such as the wave-sheaf offering (“Easter”) or July 9-16, which is connected to events on those dates in 2010.

On the other hand, perhaps the ninth sign of Elisha is the Global Currency Reset, rather than the revaluation of the dinar specifically. If that is the case, then we could see the dinar revalue on March 18, while the greater event could come on a more solid “barley” date.

At this point, we will simply have to watch March 18 and see if anything emerges to clarify things. Certainly, the event of March 11 with Sino A.S. is interesting, to say the least.

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