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The mystery of Flight MH370 and other events

Mar 15, 2014

In the early morning hours of March 8, 2014, flight MH370 vanished on its journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. So far no trace of the plan or its 239 passengers have been found. On board were 153 Chinese passengers.

I received this communication from a friend in Malaysia today:

Dr. Jones,

Greetings from Malaysia!
I thought you might find the new Malaysia Airlines flight number change from KL to Bejing interesting: MH0'318'

 I will have more to say about the number 318 shortly.

Various theories and reports have been issued. One claims the plane landed in India, another that aliens took the plane for safekeeping, another that it landed in Vietnam, another that it is being held by the US government for future use in a 9-11 style terrorist attack in Ukraine that would be blamed on Russia. An oil rig worker claims to have seen a plane on fire at high altitude as it crashed, but there is no debris to back up his claim.

In each case, the reporters are certain that their version is correct. I have no theory to offer, but the timing of the plane’s disappearance appears to link it to our watch date of March 8-9. Recall that we are seeing results of our prayer campaigns from the year 2001, and that March 8-9, 2001 was the time of our second warfare, designed to overthrow the Prince of Usury.

I do not know yet how to establish this link by events. We do not yet know the end of the story. I have waited this long to see what might emerge, but since no plausible explanation has yet been established, I find it necessary to report at least this much.

The 153 Chinese passengers are also an interesting detail, since 153 is the numeric value in Hebrew of the term “sons of God.” It is also the number of large fish caught in John 21:11. The Greek term used for “fish” as well as the “net” each have the numeric value of 1,224 (or 8 x 153).

Perhaps we will better understand what is going on after the next watch date of March 22-24. This was the third and final prayer campaign date in 2001.

Meanwhile, every year we watch March 18 because of its connection to 318. Recall that in Genesis 14:14 we read that Abraham had 318 men of war “born in his house.” The number represents the overcomers who are of Abraham’s “household of faith,” though none of them were biological children of Abraham himself.

Back in 1986 I had a revelation, “March 18 I set you free.” This was given to me after a dream in which I saw the date of March 18, and a bank teller told me, “This is the beginning of a lot of money.” I had her repeat this in the dream so that I would remember it when I woke up!

Then in 2011 an Assembly of God pastor shared a strange story that took place at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant, where a man named “Abriel” told them about two more wars, similar to the Egyptian uprising that was taking place at the time. He said that when this occurs, the Iraqi dinar would revalue at three eighteen. I reported this on March 24, 2011, writing,

“The man tells him, ‘Good, it’s going to revalue soon and when it does you need to buy silver and gold, because once it does everything is going to change.’ My friend said, ‘Well, we heard that it’s supposed to RV (revalue) any day now.’ The man responds, ‘Not yet but soon. What you see going on in Egypt is going to happen in two more middle eastern countries and the US will go into another war.’ And then he says this, “When it does happen, it will RV at 3.18, when it does RV, everything is going to change’.”


It is unclear if the number 3.18 is a date, a rate, or something else. If it is a date, then March 18 is the likely date.

Since the uprising in Egypt, we have seen a similar war in Libya—which, incidentally was just beginning in March 2011. Syria has also been in civil war, and now Ukraine is near civil war. We know that the US was involved in the wars in Libya and Syria, although they have tried to hide it. They are also involved in Ukraine, though to what extent is not yet known.

So really there have are three uprisings, not just two. The short uprising in Qatar does not count, because the US opposed that one. Libya and Syria are probably the two that Abriel was talking about, yet now we see the USA interfering in the Ukraine in the attempt to undermine Russia. It is doubtful if this is one of the two that Abriel was foreseeing, but it should be taken into consideration.

Perhaps Ukraine is just an extension of the Syrian conflict, since the US is trying to dislodge the Russian naval base in Crimea which effectively prevents the US fleet (and troops) from attacking Syria.

We ought to watch all of these situations closely, since events around the world will have a direct effect upon all of us. Normally, we do not see all the connections until after the spiritual warfare has ended. So perhaps we will understand more after March 24.

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