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Mar 21, 2014

Yesterday I completed Luke 9. I have also been formatting the weblogs for Luke into books for future publication, so that this project does not overwhelm me at the end. I do not anticipate putting these into print yet, because I might make additions and changes later. So please do not order these yet, as it may be months before I am ready to put them into print. I suggest that for the present you focus on the Deuteronomy books.

But as a point of interest, Luke 9 is the end of the third book in Luke. The first book is entitled “The Beginning,” taking us through the birth of John and Jesus and John’s ministry. The second book is “The Foundation,” taking us through the Sermon on the Mount, which is Jesus’ foundational teaching. The third book is “The Training,” taking us through the Transfiguration and the training of the Twelve disciples.

I have not yet decided on a title for the third book, but it begins with The Seventy disciples being sent out. Yesterday’s study was the transition from Book 2 to Book 3. The qualifications and disqualifications for discipleship look back to the training of the twelve, while also looking forward to the larger group of seventy disciples. As we will see, these two groups of disciples follow the Old Testament pattern of Kingdom Government with the twelve princes of the tribes and seventy elders under Moses.

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