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Is Ukraine the trigger for the return to the Gold Standard?

Mar 08, 2014

Thirteen years ago today, we filed a petition in the Divine Court against the Prince of Usury, who was one of the seven (spiritual) princes over America. It was filed at 1:47 pm, March 8, 2001. Since we have been seeing results emerge in 2014 from the things done thirteen years ago, today is a watch date. That particular court case sparked a 24-hour battle lasting until March 9, 2001, so we should watch events this week end.

Back in 2001, at the end of that prayer battle, the Dow stood at 10,644.62. Within one week it was down to 9,823:41, a loss of 821.21 points, the worst weekly loss up to that time. By March 22, 2001 it was down to 9,389.48, which officially put the Dow into “bear” territory, as it down more than 20% from March 9.

March 22, 2001 was the low point, because on that day we shifted our focus to the remaining four princes over America that we were to overthrow. We were also to begin to pray “God Bless America,” not knowing that within six months the whole nation would follow our lead in the wake of 9/11.

As I have already shown from past articles in February of this year, the prayer battles of 2001 are now manifesting in the world in terms of the conflict between the Babylonian West and the Kings of the East, with the USA and Europe on one side and Russia and China on the other. Most other nations are caught in the middle, waiting to see the outcome.

The Law of Equal Weights and Measures

The law of equal weights and measures is recorded in Leviticus 19:35, 36. It is applied in Matthew 7:2, “in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”

As Babylon was falling to King Darius the Mede in Daniel 5:31, King Belshazzar of Babylon was having a party that was interrupted by a hand that wrote on the wall: Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. These were bankruptcy terms, “Audited, Audited, Found Deficient, Sold at Sheriff’s Auction.” Jones Opinionated Version (JOV).

Tekel is translated in the NASB, “You have been weighed on the scales and found deficient” (Daniel 5:27). In other words, Babylon will be judged by the law of equal weights and measures.

When God brings judgment on a nation, He normally gives that nation opportunity to receive mercy. If they show no mercy, then they are judged according to their own standard of measure by which they judged others.

For decades America has followed the principle that war is righteous if it preserves our interests in the world. At first the US government only made war if its “vital interests” were threatened; later, virtually all interests were included in the war package. The US invaded Panama and Grenada in the 1980’s, nations that could not defend themselves. We first invaded Iraq in the Gulf War (1990) after tricking Saddam Hussein into taking over Kuwait. We attacked again in 2003 to stop Hussein from allowing payment for oil to be made in euros, rather than in dollars. (His actions threatened the petro-dollar as the world reserve currency.)

Since 2001 the US policy has been to overthrow or destabilize many Mideast nations under the guise of “establishing democracy.” The real reason has been to steal their stash of gold (as with Libya) and to foment World War III as a pretext for the top bankers taking total power both in America and abroad.

But we have now (in 2014) reached the end of the “seven times” wherein the Dominion Mandate was contracted to the beast empires prophesied in Daniel. Babylon was given that Mandate in 607 B.C., and it came to collect its due in 604, when Babylon took the city of Jerusalem. The time of beast-rule should have ended in 1914, except that its rule had been interrupted for a century from 163-63 B.C. after Antiochus Epiphanes overstepped his mandate a little too far. But that century of independence had to be added to the end from 1914-2014.

So Babylon is now falling. The handwriting is on the wall. The words that God wrote on the wall were also monetary terms when translated from Aramaic to Hebrew: Mina, Mina, Shekel, Peres. When converted to gerahs, their pennies, they add up to 2,520 gerahs, making this prophetic of what would happen after Babylon’s mandate ran out after “seven times” (360 x 7 = 2,520 years).

We are now there, and the Kings of the East are coming through the door. God has raised them up for this purpose. Do not fight God’s army that He has raised up to deliver us from Babylon. Do not believe the Babylonian Press when it says that Cyrus and Darius are your enemies. They are not YOUR enemies; they are Babylon’s enemies. Believe the Scriptures and understand that God is behind this entire operation. He is answering your prayer to be set free of the bondage of the Western banking system.

Modern Babylon is a “mystery,” that is, it is a secret, hidden government, whereby hidden masters of money rule through their agents that we think we elect to positions of government. They choose the two candidates from each major party, and then give us the secondary choice—“Which of our two agents do you want as your ruler?”

But this is all about to come to an end. The year 2014 is the endpoint that dates back to 607 B.C. The year 2017 is the endpoint that dates back to 604 B.C., when Babylon actually took Jerusalem according to the divine decree for their lawlessness.

The Kings of the East today are no longer Medea and Persia, but rather Russia and China. They are not overthrowing a mere city-state called Babylon, but rather are overthrowing an entire monetary system that has been used to enrich those on Wall Street and to impoverish and enslave those on Main Street. Their methods and their fiat money system are too complex for the average person to comprehend. That is why they ignorantly continue to support the system, even though it keeps them poor and enslaved.

The Ukraine Crisis

Russia has huge natural resources, and they have become a major supplier of oil and natural gas to Europe. Most of this is supplied through pipelines that pass through the Ukraine. For this reason, Ukraine is Russia’s most vital interest. The West knows this, and so it is now attempting to take control of those pipelines by overthrowing its president.

Russia cannot allow this to happen. In similar fashion, the West took control of the Persian Gulf and Iraq. It was to protect the flow of oil to the West, considered to be a “vital interest” to the USA. The problem is that the West now condemns Russia for doing what it has already done many times in past decades. Hence, the law of equal weights and measures is being violated.

Ukraine’s economy was already in shambles last November, while the politicians were deciding whether to depend on Russia or Europe. They needed $15 billion to stave off bankruptcy. Europe wanted to lend them a few billion, if they imposed austerity measures on the Ukrainian people. Russia offered them $15 billion without imposing austerity, and offered big discounts on oil and gas. On November 21 Ukraine’s president Yanukovych decided to take the Russian offer, simply because it was the only offer that could actually stave off economic disaster.

The West then organized protests in the street, as most of the people did not understand the real economic issues involved. They played on the people’s fear of the old Soviet Union and its now defunct system. Then they overthrew the democratically-elected president in the name of democracy. Their actions virtually assure the bankruptcy of Ukraine as they default on their loans. Europe does not have the capacity to bail them out, nor will they do so apart from very strict austerity measures that has brought unrest in Greece and Cyprus.

The default of Ukraine is now virtually assured by the end of this year. Their default will threaten all of its creditor nations and banks with insolvency. A chain reaction will then begin, which could become unstoppable.

Dr. Jim Willie, one of the most well-informed economists of our time, calls himself “The Golden Jackass.” He said in his Hat Trick Letter dated March 6, 2014,

“The danger level has never been higher. No resolution to the Global Monetary War can come, which we have been seeking, without a climax… A return to the Gold Standard is coming, but the birth will have loud pangs and possibly broad damage suffered. The Global Currency Reset is better named the Return to the Gold Standard. The United States and London [elite bankers in power] ... will not go quietly and assume their place in the backwater without taking the world to the brink…

“The Global Paradigm Shift is in full gear, with attendant risk huge here and now. My Jackass firm belief is that the US/UK fascist team face a Waterloo event in Ukraine, the victim to be the Imperial Dollar.”

He has no confidence that the US/UK/Europe can defeat Russia in the Ukraine conflict. Their attempt to place sanctions on Russia cannot possibly succeed, first because Europe needs Russia’s natural gas and oil, and secondly because China will not abide by any such Western sanctions. Russia is simply too big to be isolated. They are not Iran, they are not Syria, Iraq, or North Korea. Economic sanctions have only served to force countries out of the Western banking system and to form their own gold-payment system. For example, China now pays Iran gold for oil and bypasses the Fed altogether.

It remains to be seen what steps Russia will take (backed by China) to counter the ineffective sanctions. Even the Western press admits that the sanctions are almost silly as the USA cancels Russian visas. What will that do but hurt our tourism business? (Do we see bullets in our feet yet?) What if Russia responds by demanding gold as payment for its oil and gas? Bix Weir hopes that Russia will use its $200 billion in US dollar reserves to buy silver on the open market! That would certainly end the price manipulation.

Jim Willie says,

“The Eastern Nations (led by China & Russia) have been making detailed preparations in the last couple years to launch the alternative trade system founded in Gold Settlement. Its launch lacks a potential open door trigger, possibly offered by the Ukraine situation. The Gold Standard could return in a baptism of fire. The open door trigger appears to be the Western interventions into Ukraine….”

I find the “open door” reference to be interesting, as the year 2014 is the prophetic Year of the Open Door. Will China and Russia use this as the final “trigger” to return to the system of trade settlements that were established in 1944 during the Bretton-Woods Convention? In 1971 the US government under President Nixon violated this agreement when he refused to settle trade deficits in gold, offering only fiat dollars to pay debts.


The dollar then was propped up by an agreement with Saudi Arabia and OPEC, which created the petro-dollar. Dollars were then backed by oil, rather than gold. But the petro-dollar era is now ending, as China and Russia and many other countries return to gold. It may be that the Ukraine situation will provide the trigger for the final overthrow of the petro-dollar, which will then cease to be the world currency. No longer will all wire transfers pass through the Fed, with the Fed taking its fee (tax) for its “service.”

If and when China and Russia coordinate their actions and dump their dollar reserves on the market, the Fed will be forced to initiate its final Swan Song of QE to infinity. The Fed has already been buying up $85 billion per month, now said to be “tapered” to $65 billion per month. In reality, this is only the amount that they admit to. The figure is probably much higher. China and Russia has stopped buying US debt. If the US government continues to poke their biggest creditors in the face, the Fed may have to buy all those bonds being dumped on the market. That would be the final act before the demise of the dollar.

That would certainly mark the final overthrow of Mystery Babylon as per Daniel 5:31.

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