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Economic sanctions on Russia would kill the US petro-dollar

Mar 19, 2014

The stage is set for our final watch dates this month, March 22-24.

Look what has happened so far.

February 21. The Ukraine Parliament agrees to form a new government and hold early elections. But the US-backed forces instead initiate a coup and force the president to flee the country that evening.

February 23. Ukraine Parliament gives presidential powers to Turchinov.

February 24. Ukraine drops Russian as one of the official languages. (This has always been a precursor to persecution and was seen as such. Russian language speakers are furious, especially in Crimea.)

February 26-28. Crimean protestors begin taking over government buildings. Russian troops take the Perevaine military base in Crimea.

March 6. Crimean Parliament votes to break away from Ukraine and to join Russia. US President Obama issues an “emergency” Executive Order against Russia and China.

March 8. Malaysian flight MH370 vanishes on its way to Beijing.

March 16. Crimeans vote 96.77% in referendum to become independent and to rejoin Russia.

March 17. US imposes “personal sanctions” on certain Russian and Crimean officials.

March 18. Russia agrees to annex Crimea and orders Ukrainian forces out of the military bases in Crimea. Many refuse but are expelled forcibly.

Our watch dates are marked. These are the dates on which we held prayer campaigns in 2001 against the seven princes ruling America (represented by the golden calves). The connection between 2001 and 2014 was first seen on February 21 as I watched Bob Jones’ memorial service.

It appears that we have turned a major corner and are now seeing the results of spiritual warfare conducted in 2001. As it comes to the surface in stages, we only have to watch events in the world to see the results. Of course, those who think that Russia is the big enemy and that the US is on the right side of this conflict will not understand that God is moving to overthrow Babylon and to set America free from its golden calves.

Most are blinded by the belief that Russia will soon attack the Israeli state, so they cannot conceive of Russia being on God’s side in anything. Yet if they will open their eyes, they will see that on virtually every moral issue, the US government is on the wrong side. It is the US government that has been fomenting wars in the Mideast since 2001 by instigating the so-called “protest” movements in various countries. Their real purpose, as General Wesley Clark has often stated, is to “destabilize” those governments.

Other reports show that one of their motives was to steal whatever gold they could get in order to prop up the US dollar. Libya’s 144 tons of gold had been stored in London, and now the London bankers have stolen it. More recently, Ukraine’s gold was flown to the Federal Reserve Bank thieves for “safe keeping.” Perhaps now they will be able to send Germany a little more of the gold that they thought they were “storing” at the Fed.

(Recall last year when Germany demanded that the Fed repatriate its gold, the Fed said it would take seven years! In other words, the Fed is broke and has already sold its gold and cannot even find enough to send back to Germany. The original gold is gone, and the Fed will have to find it on the open market or steal it from other countries in order to pay it back.)

Parallels from 2001

February 21, 2001 was the day that God confirmed the authority of the overcomers and rejected the church’s legal challenge from January 29, 2001. This was the decision from the Divine Court that allowed us to proceed with the three spiritual battles to overthrow the seven princes over America. The battles occurred:

February 26-28, 2001

March 8-9, 2001

March 22-24, 2001

Men and nations on earth think that they are the ones making decisions and establishing victory according to their own good planning. They are unaware that there is a higher force that directs their actions from the throne of God. The basic principle I learned thirty years ago was “things happen in the spirit before they are seen in the world.” Earthly events are only a reflection of spiritual events and conditions. If you want to change earthly events, you have to change the conditions in the heavens first.

In this case, we are seeing the heavenly events of 2001 emerging on the same dates in 2014. If any of you want to catch up on what has been going on in spiritual warfare, leading up to this point, I recommend that you read The Wars of the Lord. It will provide you with a summary of events since 1981 when I was first conscripted. The book is posted online for all to read, or a paper copy may be purchased as well.

The stage is now set for the emergence of the results of the third and final battle March 22-24. I do not expect this to be the end of the matter, of course. Back in 2001 we spent much of the year in spiritual warfare. We did not finish until November. Each battle overcame something negative, and at the same time God replaced it with something positive to fill the spiritual vacuum.

There is no doubt that the year 2014 is a pivotal year in the History of the Kingdom. We have reached the end of the time where the beast empires have held the Dominion Mandate over the earth. This Dominion Mandate is due to be returned to the saints of the Most High on the eighth day of Tabernacles in 2014, as prophesied in Daniel 7:27.

Even that event will not be the end of the matter, for the saints (i.e., overcomers) will have to exercise this Dominion over the next few years to take the earth for the Kingdom. It appears that November’s events will be the first main act of the saints after being given the Dominion Mandate on the eighth day of Tabernacles (October 16, 2014).

God Bless America

With the emergence of the 2001 pattern, I have been pondering and praying about all the spiritual battles that we fought in 2001. I believe those events hold the keys to the pattern of events that are emerging in 2014. At the present time, my focus is on March 22-24, but I also took note of the revelation received of March 20, 2001, where God said, “Pray blessing upon America.”

I took note of God’s definition of “bless,” which is different from man’s definition. God’s definition is seen clearly in Acts 3:25, 26,

25 It is you who are the sons of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with your fathers, saying to Abraham, "And in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed." 26 For you first, God raised up His Servant, and sent Him to bless you by turning every one of you from your wicked ways.

God blesses us by turning us from our iniquities. Man just wants to be blessed so that he may continue in sin that grace may abound (Romans 6:1). “O Lord, bless us so we may have the means to sin.” So we began to pray the simple prayer, “God bless America,” and I instructed all the prayer warriors to do the same in March of 2001.

Six months later, after the Twin Towers were demolished, virtually everyone was praying the same prayer. Even Congress stood on the Capitol steps and sang, “God Bless America.” Of course, they thought they were praying for more time to sin with impunity. But God tricked them into appealing to the Divine Court so that God would turn America from its iniquities!

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in September of 2014.

The Great Divorce

Meanwhile, the revelation about March 24 shows that this is the date of America’s “divorce” from the golden calves. Recall that Israel first began to commit spiritual adultery with the golden calves in the days of Jeroboam, king of Israel (1 Kings 12:28-30). The adulterous relationship is pictured in the story of Hosea and his adulterous wife, Gomer (Ghomri; Gimirri, the Assyrian name for Israel).

When God divorced Israel and cast her out of His house (Jeremiah 3:8), Israel followed after her lover and ended up as a slave-wife to the golden calves, as seen in the story of Hosea and Gomer. Like Hosea, Jesus came to redeem His ex-wife from bondage. However, her rehabilitation as taken a long time, for she was carnally minded.

America, as a carnally-minded nation, is picturing Gomer, not only in her spiritual adultery with the golden calves, but also with her redemption. The spiritual battles in 2001 were designed to obtain her final divorce from the false gods that she loves so much and to cause her to repent of her iniquity.

In brief, that is what is going on in America. Those who are part of the Gomer company, who have her mindset, are confused and see only disaster as their minds are wrenched from the carnal perspective to the spiritual as God sees it. But it will be good in the end. We will not be destroyed at the hands of Russia or China. God is using them, in fact, to help set us free from the gods of Mystery Babylon. They are God’s answer to the prayer of Congress on the Capitol steps, as they prayed and sang, “God Bless America.”

Watch for Economic Sanctions

Right now, we should watch carefully to see what sort of economic sanctions President Obama decides to impose upon Russia. So far, he has imposed only “personal sanctions” on a few people to restrict them from traveling to the USA. He has also frozen their bank accounts in the USA. (What bank accounts?? If they had any in the past, they have long ago withdrawn them! There are now reports showing these people laughing at Obama for thinking they were really that stupid.)

If President Obama cuts off Russia from the SWIFT system, so that they can no longer pay or receive payment for world trade in US dollars, this will truly be the beginning of the end—for the US dollar. Russia exports huge amounts of oil and natural gas to Europe. So far, they have accepted US dollars as payment in support of the petro-dollar. If the Fed stops this flow, as it did when they imposed sanctions on Iraq, Libya, and now Iran, then Russia will probably tell the Europeans, “Ok, we will now accept payment in euros or gold or whatever other currency you wish to give us. What? You want to buy our palladium, so that your autos don’t pollute your cities? Ok, you can pay us in euros.”

That would kill the US petro-dollar. Back in 1973 the US reached an agreement with OPEC (especially Saudi Arabia) to accept only US dollars as payment for oil. That forced all nations to buy US dollars as currency reserves in order to pay for imported oil. The demand for US dollars supported its value after President Nixon ended the gold-backed dollar in 1971. The gold dollar was replaced by the petro-dollar.

The petro-dollar will certainly end as quickly as the gold dollar ended, if Obama cuts Russia off from the SWIFT system of wire transfers in US dollars. The dollar will then no longer be the world currency used in world trade. The Fed will lose its 3% fee on all payments through the SWIFT system. Europe would then be able to buy oil without having to pay the fees, so it would be cheaper. In other words, economic sanctions on Russia would hurt the US but benefit Europe and the rest of the world.

President Obama certainly knows this. The question is whether he would go ahead with the sanctions in spite of it. After all, the dollar is on life-support even now. More and more nations are bypassing the dollar. The BRICS nations have set up their own payment system in their own currencies to compete with the SWIFT system.

It may be that Obama and his bosses in the banking world may find this situation useful in creating Russia as the scapegoat. If they can point to Russia as the cause of America’s economic collapse, then they might avoid a situation where the people blame Obama and the US banks. The average Boobus Americanus (new species discovered 200 years ago) will indeed be fooled, as they believe anything the government tells them.

This is the only rationale I can see that would motivate them to impose such economic sanctions on Russia. If their interests were for the American people themselves, they would never impose such sanctions. So this is the situation that needs to be watched at the present time. It will be interesting to watch events this week end (March 22-24).

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