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Update on February watch dates

Feb 17, 2014

The last update I gave was a few weeks ago, which I posted here:


In this, I reported the events occurring on our watch dates in January. The Pope cast the moneychangers out of the temple on January 15, and Ben Bernanke, the high priest of the Federal Reserve temple, announced a continuation of the so-called “tapering” on January 30.

January 15 was a type of Passover, as I have explained past years, because it is the 15th day of our first month.

January 30 ended the first 76-day cycle of cleansing in the new Prophetic Year that began on November 14, 2013.

I was informed also that on January 30 the necessary papers were completed and signed for the Global Currency Reset. It happened on January 31 in China’s time zone, which was the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse. The GCR signing took longer than expected, due to “opposition” in late December. This is one reason why we held our prayer campaign on January 7-11 called “Overcoming Resistance.” So the resistance was overcome by the end of the 76 days, January 30, and we now await its implementation.

As for watch dates in February, recall that in the same sense that January is a Passover month, so also is February the month of the Second Passover (Numbers 9:9-13). The two Passovers have many layers of meaning, one of which is Christ fulfilled the first Passover at the cross, but the Second Passover applies more to the time of the second work of Christ. It therefore correlates with the autumn feasts, particularly the Day of Atonement (the goat killed in Leviticus 16) and the feast of Tabernacles.

For this reason, we find February 10, 14, 15, and 16 to be watch dates every year, and the present year (2014) is no exception.

February 10 = Selection of the Lambs (Exodus 12:3) and also the day Joshua crossed the Jordan (Joshua 4:19) with 40,000 Israelites (Joshua 4:13) to make war on Jericho.

February 14 = Lambs killed on the Preparation Day

February 15 = Second Passover

February 16 = Wave-sheaf offering

As it turned out, these dates had much to do with my current series on the book of Deuteronomy. I finished Book 9 on February 10, and I finished the final book (#10) on February 16.

February 16 was my original goal to finish this long series. I saw this date as correlating with Joshua 5:11, which speaks of the Passover that the Israelites kept on the plains of Jericho after crossing into the Promised Land. The day after Passover, it says, they began to eat of the produce of the land, including “parched grain” (NASB), which is barley. This was also the final day that they ate manna, for the manna ceased the next day. Hence, the prophetic type for these dates are 2/16 and 2/17.

We also note that Joshua’s name appears 216 times in the Bible. Therefore, the date of February 16 (or 2-16, as we write it here) is a number associated with Joshua. Finishing Moses’ Book of the Law on 2-16 therefore suggests the death of Moses and the beginning of Joshua’s ministry.

Earlier last week I did not think I would be able to finish it on time, because I had only been able to do 40 pages all week. But then last Saturday I received no visitors or phone calls and was able to finish 70 pages in the book, leaving just the final two chapters for Sunday morning. (Total is 122 pages in 23 chapters. The 23rd chapter, of course, is on The Death of Moses, and as many of you know, 23 is the number of death and resurrection.)

Book 9 should be back from the printers tomorrow, and Book 10 should be done by the end of this week, or perhaps early next week.

I first started this series on June 8, 2012 and finished February 16, 2014. I just now calculated how long it took from beginning to end. It is 618 days, which is the phi ratio. Take it away, Ron. The odds of that are astronomical.

It is apparent, then, that we are seeing signs of a new era ahead of us. Whether this actually begins now, or if this is only a sign pointing toward the actual Second Passover (May 15) and its Wave-sheaf offering (May 18), we cannot say for sure. We will have to be watchful and see what happens.

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